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Dropping Classes

​​​When a student elects to drop a class, they may do so up until the deadline for the last day to withdraw. Courses have different deadlines depending on the course start and end dates. Deadlines can verified by viewing or printing your Student Class Program/Web Schedule Bill (via the student tab on your MyCoast portal) or on the Deadlines and Dates to Remember page. You may also call the Answer Center at (714) 432-5072 during normal business hours to confirm withdrawal deadlines for a course.
It is the student's responsibility to officially drop a class and to verify the drop. 

Although instructors may request that a student be dropped for absences, it IS NOT the instructor's responsibility to drop students who stop attending a class. Students who never attend a class or stop attending a class at any time, MUST officially drop themselves, according to the deadlines mandated by the State of California. It is also the student's responsibility to verify their withdrawal from a class by the mandated deadlines to drop with a refund, drop without  a "W" or drop with a "W". There are no exceptions to the State mandated deadlines.  

​​You may drop a class as follows:

1. Through your MyCoast portal page.

  • Log into your MyCoast portal page.
  • Click on Registration.
  • Click on the "Add or Drop Classes" in the Registration Tools Box.
  • Click on the drop down arrow for the course/s you want to drop.
  • Select the available drop option, then click the Finalize Add/Drop button.
  • Verify your transaction. 
​Verify you have successfully dropped the class by printing your Student Class Program(Web Schedule Bill). You can access the Student Class Program via MyCoast (Registration>Other Resources).

2. Printing, completing and mailing a STUDENT COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM or letter (postmarked by U.S. Postal Service) to:
                              Orange Coast College
                               Attn: Enrollment Center
                               PO Box 5005
                               Costa Mesa, Ca 92628-5005

It is recommended that the request be sent via certified mail so that you have a receipt and to confirm delivery. Drops will be posted to your record as of the date of the U.S. Postal Service postmark.

​​What if I am unable to do e​ither by the withdrawal deadline?​

​​If you are unable to drop a class online or postmark a mailed request by the withdrawal deadline, you MUST send an email by the deadline date to arinfo@occ.cccd.eduwith the information listed below. In order to validate that the request is coming from you (the student) the email must be sent from your Coast student email address (ex: Requests received after the deadline and/or sent from personal email addresses (ex: will NOT be honored. 

  1. ​Full Name
  2. OCC Student ID number
  3. The CRN and name of the course you are attempting to drop​
  4. An explanation of why you cannot drop via MyCoast portal
​We will contact you the next business day.


Withdrawal for Medical Reasons

​​The California Community College system does not have a provision for medical withdrawal. Students needing to drop or withdraw for medical reasons need to follow the above withdrawal procedure. Students should maintain documentation regarding the medical condition and be prepared to present the documents if necessary to financial aid or counseling.