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Registration Information

​​ Welcome to the OCC Registration Information Page! 

Registration Appointments

Registration app​ointments are assigned a few weeks before registration begins. See Registration Periods for dates and more information.

  • To find your registration appointment, you will log in to MyOCC, click on Registration Status. Select the term to view your appointment.
  • Your registration appointment is NOT a physical appointment for which you must appear on campus. Rather, it is the earliest possible date and time that you can register online for a given semester. You can register from any computer with Internet Access. 

If you are having trouble finding this in MyOCC, visit our View My Eligibility page, which shows you, step by step, with screenshots, how to find your registration appointment in MyOCC.  


Plan My Schedule with Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a tool that allows you to build and compare schedules that best fit your work-school-life balance via your MyOCC. Based off the courses you want and your availability to attend, you are able to shop for the best schedule possible. 

  • Build schedules before your registration date for a quick, easy registration experience.
  • When you find the schedule you want, send it to your shopping cart. 

This presentation gives an overview of the Schedule Planner tool. 


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