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Contact Admissions & Records

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update as of 03/25/20:

​​​​For the safety and well-being of our community, the campus is temporarily closed until further notice. While Enrollment Center's in-person services are temporarily suspended during this time, some of our services are available to students online and via email. We will continue to assess the situation and provide updates as much as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Staff and Services

​General Information/Questions
​(714) 432-5072

Residency Information
​(714) 432-5072
Evaluation Information
(714) 432-5072
Graduation Information
​(714) 432-5072
International Students (F-1 Visa) Information
​(714) 432-5940
Priority Registration Information
​(714) 432-5072


​Terri Weikel
​Admissions/Residency Specialist
​Maria Newman
​Admissions/Residency Specialist
​Katie Olivier
​Transcript Specialist
​Claire Ippolito
​Graduation Specialist
​Rini Sukaesih
​Evaluation Specialist
​Terry Irving
​Evaluation Specialist
​Robin Parks
​Evaluation Specialist
Sylvia Sanchez-Petray
​Evaluation Specialist
Linda Tiger
​Registration Specialist
​Phuong Phan
​Answer Center Supervisor
Martha Muñoz-Sanchez
​Faculty Services Specialist
​Ivane Bui
​Faculty Services Specialist
​Jami Jacobi
​Veterans Services Specialist
​Kayden Nguyen
​Veterans Services Specialist


​Efren J. Galvan

Richelle Penalba

Director of Enrollment Services

Manager of Enrollment Services


The Enrollment Center is located on the first floor of Watson Hall.

Find us in the first floor of Watson Hall.