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Current High School Students

The Special Part-Time Program is designed for all current high school students seeking advanced scholastic or vocation coursework not available at the high school. Students who are enrolled in the Special Part-Time Program and are designated as California residents (see residency information) are not required to pay the per unit enrollment fee but are required to pay all other required fees.

Interested students must complete the following steps in order to attend Orange Coast College under the Special Part-Time Program:

  1. Apply for Admissions
  2. Complete Placement Testing (for English and/or math courses) in the Assessment Center (Watson Hall 110)
  3. Submit an Early Start Petition (signed by both HS Principal and parent/guardian) to the Enrollment Center (1st floor Watson Hall)
  4. Register the courses designated on the Early Start Petition
Keep in mind:
As part of the Special Part-Time Program, students are not permitted to waitlist classes. If the class is not open, students must go to the first class meeting to request an Add Permit from the instructor.

All course pre-requisites and necessary qualifications must be met in order to be considered for enrollment as a Special Part-Time Program student. Consult the current class schedule or College Catalog for course pre-requisites and other requirements.

Not all courses offered at Orange Coast College are available for Special Part-Time Program enrollment. Please contact the appropriate Division Offices to verify courses eligible for Special Part-Time Program enrollment.

Eligible students have the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of six units each semester (3 units max for summer and winter intersession) and earn college credit while still attending high school. Students are expected to meet the same requirements as regular college students and coursework is taken appears on the student's college transcript.

Other things to consider:

  • Enrolling in college courses creates a permanent record (college transcript).
  • Students should plan to study a minimum of two hours each week for each hour of class time (unit).
  • The University of California recognizes college semester-length courses of 3-semester units as equivalent to 10 credits earned in an eligible one-year high school course. (Exception: The first semester of a college level foreign language course is considered to be equivalent to the first two years of high school foreign language (20 credits).
  • Students planning to apply coursework taken at OCC toward college or university admission or progress toward a degree should contact the respective institutions regarding policies prior coursework.