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Returning Students

Welcome back!

Returning students are those who have previously attended Orange Coast College but have missed the last 2 semesters (fall and spring). You are considered a returning student regardless of whether you skipped two semesters or several years. 
All re-admitted students will receive an account to log in to My OCC, the college’s portal. Your MyOCC account and student G-mail account information will be sent to the email address you provided on your admissions application after the application has been processed.

Follow these steps to get enrolled:

Step One: Apply for admission
Returning students must apply for admission and if financial assistance is needed, apply for financial aid. 

Registration is by appointment and appointments are assigned by the Admissions Office once students complete their admission process.  Appointments for new and returning students are assigned on a first come-first serve basis so apply early. If your application is late, you may experience delays in the admissions and registration process. You will receive an E-mail acceptance confirmation and instructions for logging on the MyOCC portal.
Step Two: Orientation
Students, who have not completed 15 or more college units with a GPA of 2.0 or better, must complete an orientation. If you have completed 15 or more college units with a GPA of 2.0 or better you may submit an unofficial copy of your transcripts to the Matriculation Office to waive the orientation requirement.
Orientation or proof of successful completion of 15 or more units in good standing must take place prior to your registration appointment or you will be blocked from registration. Refer to your Acceptance Email for orientation instructions. If you need assistance email the Matriculation Office at 
Step Three: Placement Testing
Students must take placement tests if they have not successfully completed math, chemistry, and/or English at another college. If you have successfully completed (“C” or better) math, chemistry, and/or English at another college, submit unofficial transcripts to the Matriculation Office or mail your transcript to the Admissions Office. Placement testing and/or proof of prerequisite completion must take place prior to your registration appointment or you will be blocked from registration. Appointments for placement testing are scheduled online. You can visit the Assessment Center Website to make a testing appointment. If you have completed classes at another accredited College or University, send transcripts to:

P O BOX 5005
COSTA MESA CA 92628-5005
Step Four: Counseling (Complete a Student Education Plan, SEP)
Meet with a Counselor to complete your Student Education Plan (SEP). If you have prior College work, please submit Official sealed transcripts to the Enrollment Center to scheduling an appointment. You can also attend a Priority Registration Workshop offered at the College. Please visit the Counseling Services web page for more information (add link)

Step Five: Register for classes
You will receive your registration appointment via MyOCC. Registration appointments are assigned in accordance with SB1456, the Student Success Act of 2012. View the Priority Registration Information page for details. Log onto MyOCC after you receive your login information. Your appointment will be posted on MyOCC Student Tab>Registration Tools>Registration Status and Checklist. You registration appointment allows you to enroll in classes anytime on or after your appointment time, up until the class begins. Once you register, make sure you pay all fees due immediately to avoid being dropped from classes.
Final Details

Purchase your textbooks/supplies
Visit the Orange Coast College Bookstore to purchase your textbooks and supplies.  You may reserve textbooks online prior to the semester start date.  Please visit the bookstore for more information.

Confirm your registration and attend classes
Once you have registered and paid all your fees, verify the courses, the meeting time, and the course location then attend the class on the first day of instruction.  If you miss the first class meeting, you will most likely lose your seat in the class so be sure to show up on the first day and be on time! 

Online Students
Online students must follow certain procedures to access their online class.  Please visit Orange Coast Online Classes by the first day of class to get started.