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Tuition and Fee Information

International student tuition is currently charged at a rate of $271.00/unit.  Please note that international students are required to enroll in and complete a minimum of 12 units per semester (Fall and Spring).

These fees are subject to change without advance notice.  Financial aid is not available to international students.  The fees shown below are an estimated yearly cost for attendance based on 12 units per semester for Fall and Spring (24 units total).


​ ​Estimated Annual Expenses
Tuition + health & enrollment fee $6,584
​Room & board ​$10,200
​Incidentals, books, & supplies ​$1,600
​Medical Insurance ​$1,236
TOTAL $19,620 

Peer Transfer

If you would like to make a tuition payment in your home country's currency, please feel free to explore the options Peer Transfer provides to you, by reading their information sheet here.  You may also visit their website directly at