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Student Records

Welcome to OCC Student Records Information Page!

Here you will find your options for accessing your OCC student records whether it is transcripts, verifications, graduation information, evaluations, pass/no pass grading options, GE Breadth and IGETC certification, 1098T information or excluding sub-standard grades from GPA calculations.

Submitting Official Transcripts

Students that have completed classes at another accredited College or University, and wish to submit those transcripts for prerequisite clearance or for meeting degree/certificate requirements, may send Official transcripts to:
P O BOX 5005
COSTA MESA CA 92628-5005.
Or if the sending institution sends official transcripts electronically via PDF, electronic transcripts can be emailed to The transcripts must be sent directly from the sending institutions authorized agent. OCC will not accept forwarded transcripts from the student.
Or you may submit official transcripts in person to the Enrollment Services window, located on the first floor of Watson Hall. All other departments requesting official transcripts to be on file will have access to view your official transcripts once you have submitted the transcripts to Enrollment Services. Currently, Official transcripts take about 6 weeks to be evaluated.
NOTE: Orange Coast College does not automatically clear Pre/Co requisites. For prerequisite clearance please visit the Prerequisites and Co-requisites page

Evaluating Incoming Coursework Credits

  • Courses completed at a California Community College, California State University or University of California are evaluated and course credit awarded in accordance with course articulation using or TES.
  • Courses completed at an accredited private college/university in California or any accredited college/university outside of California but within the United States, are evaluated based on course descriptions and course syllabus information for each course. The student is responsible for providing the information when submitting transcripts from the school.
  • Courses completed at a college or university outside the United States, need to be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service. Information on approved transcript evaluation services is available from Orange Coast College’s Counseling Office. A maximum of 15 units will be awarded from the foreign evaluation toward our option 1 AA, AS or Certificates of Achievement. These units will not be used for completing GE Certifications for Transfer.

Courses completed at colleges or universities that are not articulated may be considered for course credit by completing a Course Substitution Waiver. Please view the  Academic Petition Council Procedures and Guidelines - Revised.pdfAcademic Petition Council Procedures and Guidelines for information. Please contact the Counseling Office for additional information and to obtain the appropriate petitions. 

Ordering Official Transcripts

Whether you are a current student needing transcripts for transfer or getting back into school, you can order transcripts online through Credentials Inc.  Students on campus will have access to computers for online ordering in Watson Hall, the Computing Center and the Library.  Orange Coast College does not offer same day transcript service. Click here to go to the Transcript Information page.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are only available to current students with MyOCC access. Former students can only order/request official copies of transcripts. 


You may obtain semester grades using the following options:

Option #1 MyOCC - View/print your unofficial transcript

Grades for the most recent semester are available via the MyOCC portal approximately 2-3 weeks after the end of the semester (allow 3-4 weeks after the end of the fall semester.) Grades are available online via MyOCC.

Option # 2 Order a Transcript

If you need official transcripts, which include all coursework you’ve taken at Orange Coast College, make sure you mark “after final grades are posted” to ensure that your most recent semester grades will appear on your transcript. These requests take approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester and are sent in the order the requests are received. Make sure you submit your request before the end of the term (we begin to accept these requests about one month before the end of the term.) Due to the volume of requests and uncertainty of when grades will be available, we do not offer the Special Handling Rush service on these requests.  Click here for information about ordering a transcript.

NOTE: If you need your grades before the official transcripts are available, you can complete an Early Grade Report and ask your instructor to sign it. This will act as a temporary grade report until official grades are available.

Verification of Enrollment

If you are seeking a verification of enrollment, you may utilize our free-of-charge verification of enrollment available to current students via MyOCC. If you are a former student you may mail in a verification of enrollment or turn it in in person. Visit the Verification of Enrollment page for more information.

Pass/No Pass Grading Options

If your class has not started, you may utilize the online option of changing the grading option for a course from standard letter to Pass/No Pass via your MyOCC.  If you are unable to change the option online, forms are available in the Enrollment Center. To determine the deadline for changing the grading option, visit the “Dates to Remember” page.  Print out your Web Schedule Bill to verify your grade option for each class. Visit the Pass No/Pass Grading Options page for more information.

1098T Information

Be prepared for when taxes season comes! Under your MyOCC you can agree to receive your 1098T electronically via your MyOCC. If you do not have access to previous 1098T forms, you may need to submit your Social Security Number to the Enrollment Center. Visit the 1098T Info page for more information.

Substandard Grades

If you took a course at OCC and received a substandard grade, then repeated the course, the sub-standard grade will be automatically excluded from your GPA calculation.
If you repeated the course at a college/university outside the Coast District, you will need to submit a Petition to Exclude a Sub-standard Grade along with official transcripts from the school. Visit the Sub-Standard Grades page for more information.


If you are in your last semester and getting ready to transfer or get that degree/certificate don’t forget to apply for graduation! Applications are available online or in the Enrollment Center. If you are interested in getting GE certified make sure you meet with your counselor to see which certification, IGETC or CSU GE Breadth, you qualify for.  Visit the Graduation page for more information
Commencement happens once a year in the Spring term. Visit the Commencement page for more information


Name Change Process

To request a name change on your official records at Orange Coast College, you must provide official documentation that verifies the legal name change.  For additional information click here: