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Oct 27
Joe Stead Shares Story Behind Chemistry Building Succulent Garden

occ horticulture instructor joe stead in his succulent gardenOCC Horticulture instructor Joe Stead wrote an article for a recent issue of the Cactus and Succulent Journal that detailed the story behind the succulent garden located outside of the College's Chemistry building. 

The garden was incorporated into Stead's "Cactus, Succulents and their use in Landscape" class, with each student give the design project as their final exam. With the support of the College Facilities Committee, the class installed the garden and hardscape in January 2012. According to the article: "Currently there are 35 genera comprising approximately 60 species represented in the garden. Instructors and students utilize the garden for classes in plant identification and landscape design. The plant Biology class uses the garden as a living laboratory for an example of parallel evolution." 

Many of the features of the garden were donated to the school, including giant petrified logs donated by the family of a horticulture student that is estimated to be between 205 and 235 million years old. ​​