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Jul 03
OCC Corpse Flower Viewing Fundraiser Raises Money For Three Scholarships

corpse flower blooming.jpgOrange Coast College's Classified Senate raised $2,400 -- enough money for three student scholarships -- during last week's Corpse Flower viewing event. The Classified Senate also donated $150 from the event to OCC's Horticulture Club. 

The event was organized after the College's horticulture department announced it had an Amorphophallus Titanum, better known as a "Corpse Flower," set to bloom. 

OCC's flower was named "Little Doug" after Foundation Director Doug Bennett, and was grown from seed provided by the Huntington Botanical Gardens in 2003. 

Corpse Flowers are known for their pungent odor, which many people liken to rotting flesh. The plant can take many years to bloom and has the potential to grow more than 10 feet tall. The College's Classified Senate organized a viewing event with a suggested donation of $3 for visitors hoping to catch a whiff of the endangered plant. 

OCC's flower bloomed late Wednesday evening, and remained open on Thursday and Friday. Hundreds of visitors came to campus to view the plant, which was on display on the patio of OCC's Administration Building. 

Visit the following link to read the Daily Pilot's article about the event: