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Aug 31
On a Personal Note: Former HR Director Laury Francis Passes Away

photo of laury francis sitting at her deskRetired OCC human resources director Laury Francis passed away in August after a long battle with cancer.

Laury joined OCC in February of 2008 after working at the Children's Hospital of Orange County for 20 years. During her career, she focused on improving interpersonal communication between employees. "Everything we do in human resources has to do with people," she said in a March 2008 article in The Coast Report. "Understanding how people work is important."

During her five years at OCC, Laury developed many friendships, and was an encouraging voice among her colleagues. "She was a major Cubs fan and even dressed up as a Cub softball player for one Halloween. She came in wearing knickers, baseball hat and even had eye black on. It was hilarious," remembers Nancy Ramirez from Coastline. "She was always very supportive … and encouraged her staff to apply for open positions."

Professional development was especially important to Laury, who returned to finish her college degree at Cal State Fullerton after a 17-year hiatus raising her family. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she begin working as a registration clerk, eventually working her way up to HR director.

Laury is survived by her husband, John, and her son and daughter.