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Feb 28
Attn Faculty: Academic Progress Report Season is Here!

​In the beginning of March, Academic Progress Reports (APRs) will be distributed to students who participate in the following programs:


  • AIM (Counseling)
  • Athletics
  • ASOCC – Student Government
  • EOPS
  • Global Engagement
  • Guardian Scholars
  • Student Equity
  • Veterans
  • Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP)


The purpose of the APR is to check in on students' academic status and assess whether or not extra support is needed. This intervention is aligned with OCC's campus-wide retention and completion efforts. The process provides students with an opportunity to have a face-to-face connection with their instructors and take ownership of their academic goals. 

Students who submit their APRs on time will receive an invitation to an exclusive celebration of their accomplishments. 

A note to faculty: you may have students who come to class or office hours requesting that you fill in one of the following data points: current grade in the course (if there is no grade at this point, please indicate in the comments section), comments about attendance, participation and areas of improvement/success. 

Please direct any questions regarding this process to Student Retention Specialist Heather Dominguez at or at ext. 26902.