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Apr 19
Orange Coast College Ranked No. 2 in the Nation for Return on Educational Investment

​In a study measuring how much bang for their buck students in the United States get from two-year public colleges, Orange Coast College nearly topped the list. looked at colleges around the U.S. that combined affordability and quality, and ranked OCC number two in the country on educational return on investment. 

Using data from College Measures — a Gates Foundation-supported database — ValueColleges surveyed the 1,717 community colleges in the United States that offer two-year associate degrees. Criteria that were looked at included graduation rates, cost, student enrollment, and American Association of Community Colleges membership. All the schools that were surveyed are public and have open admission. 

ValueColleges then compared that data with's graduate salary information to compile a top-50 list. About OCC, ValueColleges writes "Orange Coast College perfectly prepares students for 4-year college, but it also excels at bringing practical and technical education to a wide variety of diverse students, including a growing Latino population. With highly accomplished instructors, award-winning students, and an exciting location, Orange Coast College has everything necessary to make a great education, and a low price to boot." 

According to their website, ValueColleges offers meticulously researched, straightforward, and practical answers to commonly asked questions about value and affordability when making college decisions. Further, the company creates feature articles clearing up misconceptions and confusion about college costs and benefits, as well as numerical rankings of institutions and degree programs to help college-bound readers choose financially responsible paths.