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Sep 21
Coast Board of Trustees Pass Resolution in Support of Dreamers

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Coast Community College District (CCCD) Board of Trustees passed a resolution on Saturday, Sept. 16, during a special board meeting to oppose the decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The resolution also states the Board's desire to provide appropriate support services to Dreamers and to affected employees. 

The program known as DACA temporarily shielded undocumented individuals from deportation who came to the country before the age of 16. Approximately 800,000 individuals have received DACA status since the program's inception in 2012. 

Chancellor of the Coast Community College District, Dr. John Weispfenning is aware that the halt of the program could have an enormous impact on CCCD students.  

"The Board of Trustees is taking a strong stand against the discontinuation of the DACA program. Our purpose in the Coast Community College District is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all people to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams," said Chancellor Weispfenning. "We realize that many of our students will attend our colleges in the coming semesters with a level of uncertainly about their ability to complete school. We are here to support them with the proper resources and information to assist them in their educational, career, and life goals." 

The Coast Community College District joins a number of other community colleges and higher education institutions — including the California Community College system — with a formal statement in defense of the DACA program and all of the individuals impacted by the decision to rescind the program. 

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors passed a resolution in support of DACA students during their September board meeting in Santa Ana stating that the board is unwavering in its support and promotion of programs, initiatives, and policies designed to instill values associated with community and inclusion. 

Coast Community College District leaders will continue to join efforts with groups and institutions throughout the year to encourage policy makers to address short- and long-term needs of Dreamers and undocumented students.