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Student Government Open Positions

​​Ask Pete Button - 6.29.21.pngOCC wants you to get involved!

Students are highly encouraged to participate in any number of leadership opportunities. 

If you should have any questions, please email the Student Life & Leadership Department at or call (714) 432-5730.


Are you interested in representing students and making campus wide decisions on a specific topic? If yes, then you can apply to be a student representative for a Participatory Governance Committee (PGC).


So what is a PGC? A PGC is a group of constituents or representatives who meet during the academic year to make decisions on a particular topic (i.e.. curriculum, budget, facilities, technology). Each PGC consists of at least one constituent/representative from the following four groups:

  • Administration

  • Classified Staff

  • Faculty

  • Students


At Orange Coast College, there are 25 PGCs with over 35 student representative positions available. Please see the PGC Master List to see the full list of PGCs and respective number of student seats.