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Student Government



SGOCC Student Senators

Every spring the Associated Students elect new members to the Student Senate who become part of the governing body responsible for administering a budget of over a million dollars and for making important decisions on student related issues.

For students interested in other appointed positions, please contact the ASOCC Office at (714) 432-5730 about appointments to these positions.

To send an e-mail to any of the Senators or Executive Board members, please click on their name. 

Student Senate President
Karen Caspa 2.JPG
Student Senate Vice President
                 ​Basant ElGhayati2.JPG
Student Senator
Christy Nguyen3.JPG
Student Senator​
  7_Julie Caressa Recalde.JPG
Student Senator
Omar Haddad2.JPG
Giang Nguyen
Student Senator
G. G. Nguyen.JPG
Miguel Cruz
Student Senator
​​Miguel Cruz.JPG

Student Senator
(Not Pictured)




Executive Board


SGOCC President
 Juan Partida3.JPG

Vice President of College Life
                Leanna Gutierrez1.JPG
Vice President of Communications
                 Jessica Riestra3.JPG
 Ashley Quinn​
Inter-Club Council President
Ashley Quinn3.JPG
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs
                 Parker Hawkins1.JPG

Junell "A.J." Brown
Vice President of Diplomatic Affairs
(Not Pictured)

Regional Delagate
(Not Pictured)   ​