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Student Government

SGOCC Student Senators

Every spring the Associated Students elect new members to the Student Senate who become part of the governing body responsible for administering a budget of over a million dollars and for making important decisions on student related issues.

For students interested in other appointed positions, please contact the ASOCC Office at (714) 432-5730 about appointments to these positions.

Carmen Chavez

Student Senate Vice President

Carmen Chavez.JPG

Isaiah Jimenez

Student Senate Secretary

Isaiah Jimenez.JPG          ​

Tyler Brett

Student Senator

Tyler Brett.JPG

Kevin Zarzur Curi

Student Senator​

  Kevin ZarZur Curi.JPG

Hunter Dickery

Student Senator

Hunter Dickery.JPG

Alex Loniak

Student Senator

Alex Loniak 1.JPG

Michael Naccara

Student Senator

Michael Naccara.JPG

Mohit Khetarpal

Student Senator

Mohit Khetarpal.JPG

Michelle Muxi

Student Senator

Michelle Muxi.JPG


Executive Board


Sena Nistanaki
SGOCC President

Vice President of College Life

Vice President of Communications

Eric Ruiz
Inter-Club Council President

Mahek Yerunkar
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs



Vice President of Diplomatic Affairs


Vice President of Advocacy