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Student Senate and Executive Board


SGOCC Student Senators

Every spring the Associated Students elect new members to the Student Senate who become part of the governing body responsible for administering a budget of over a million dollars and for making important decisions on student related issues. The Student Senate & Executive Board act on behalf of other students, they are responsible for writing and passing resolutions, student government policies, and approving financial allocations to OCC clubs and programs. The Student Senate & Executive Board work alongside faculty and administrators, to discuss issues that directly affect the community and campus.

Student Senate & Executive Board Meeting Time


9:00 - 11:00 A.M.

Zoom (Please see Agendas and Minutes Webpage for Zoom Information)

For students interested in other appointed positions, please contact the ASOCC Office at (714) 432-5730 about appointments to these positions.

Enya Nguyen

Student Senate President Elect

Enya Nguyen

Bernando Moreno

Student SenatorBernando Moreno

Catherine Le

Student Senator

Catherine Le 1.JPG

Emmy Tang

Student Senator

emmy Tang

Jake Kondo

Student Senator

Jake Kondo

Jose Miranda Lomeli
Student Senator
Jose Miranda Lomeli

Kyson Komo

Student SenatorKyson Komo

Jose Galarza Pasco

Student Senator

1 - Sebastian Galarza (1).jpg

​Trisha  Nguyen-Vu

Student Sentator

2 - Trisha Nguyen (1).jpg

Executive Board


              SGOCC President             
Mason Espinoza grad.jpg
Vice President of College Life

Vice President of Communications
Brook Mai.jpg

Vice President of Diplomatic Affairs
    Thang's Headshot.jpg               

  Inter-Club Council President
Slyvia Yu.jpeg
  Vice President of Advocacy
Olivia Steward.jpg    
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs