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CCCD Student Code of Conduct

Coast Community College District Code of Conduct AP 5500

 This Administrative Procedure (AP 5500) is intended to effectively implement Board Policy 5500 “Student Code of Conduct,” and as such, this Administrative Procedure shall constitute the Student Code of Conduct for all District Students.  This Student Code of Conduct provides District Students with prior notice of behavior deemed unacceptable by the District’s Board of Trustees.  This Student Code of Conduct includes a defined process for the fair and impartial review and determination of alleged improper Student behavior.  This Student Code of Conduct also specifies the various sanctions that may be imposed on District Students for violations of this Student Code of Conduct. Students are expected to be familiar with the terms of Coast Community College District's published Board Policy BP5500 and this Administrative Procedure 5500 Student Code of Conduct.

For the complete Coast Community College District Board policy AP 5500 go to the website

For a pdf version of the document click the link below