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Student Center Cafe & Quick Corner

Our Mission is to delight our customers at Orange Coast College by providing an incredible Successful Food Service Operation that enhances the students and instructors of the Hospitality Program with a safe, sanitary and professional environment . We are dedicated to providing the support and customer service needed to achieve success at Orange Coast College. The Student Center Cafe & Quick Corner produces a high volume of meals for the students on campus, catering for campus and community events, meals for the Children's Center, gourmet lunches on Thursdays for the public, Eclectic Cafe on Friday's  and special events, like Honors' Night. 
For quick ordering, sign up with GRUBHUB available on the mobile app!
The Student Center as well as most of our outlets on campus use almost all compostable disposable items; even the utensils. Typically we purchase products like these.

Daily Specials.
Monday thru Thursday there may be a variety of Hot Food Specials which includes a beverage and typically a choice of 2 side dishes with a choice of entree. The items change daily: see cashier stations for menu postings and availability.

Nutritional Information for most menu items from the Student Center Cafe


#1 Two Eggs, Country Potatoes & Toast(700 cal)$3.95

#2 Two Pancakes or French Toast, 2 Eggs any style Choice of Sausage or Bacon $4.95

#3 Two Eggs any Style, Country Potatoes & ToastChoice of Sausage or Bacon(900 cal)$4.95

#4 (4) Pancakes with Butter & SyrupChoice of: Whole Wheat(670 cal)or Buttermilk(670 cal)$4.50

#5  Sourdough French Toast (3 slices)(880 cal)(Single Slice -$1.50) $4.25

#6 Breakfast Burrito (710-960 cal)with Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, Salsa and Potatoes$4.25with Bacon or Ham or Sausage $4.75 with Carne Asada$5.25

#7Healthy Breakfast Wrap (served with Fruit Cup)(850 cal)with Scrambled Egg Whites, Broccoli, Mushrooms,Black Beans, Diced Tomato, Feta Cheese $6.50

#8 Grilled Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich (760 cal)with Cheddar Cheese, Canadian Bacon, Scrambled Egg, $5.00

#9 Ham or Bacon and Cheese Omelet (1280-1470 cal)with Country Potatoes and Toast with Jam $ 7.00

#10 Breakfast Quesadilla (970 cal)with Bacon, Avocado, Scrambled Eggs, Jack and Cheddar Cheese $5.25

#11 Breakfast Pizza (910 cal)Sausage, Bacon and Cheese (6 cut)

#12 Taco Ole - Soft Flour or Corn Tortilla (270 cal)with Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned Ground Beef, Shredded Lettuce, Fresh Salsa & Cheese $2.00

#13 Breakfast Egg, Ham & Provolone Panini on Ciabbata (available all day) (630cal)$5.00
*Calories based on Sourdough Bread

Lunch and Dinner Menus

Burritos - with Black or Pinto Beans, Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Hot or Mild Home-Style Salsa and Chopped Cilantro, Spanish Rice and Charred Corn

Soft or Crispy Tacos -

Lettuce, Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Mild Home-Style Salsa, Chopped Onion & Cilantro and Charred Corn

Charbroiled Chicken(430cal)$3.95

Ground Beef (500cal)$4.00

Carne Asada (420 cal)$5.95

Grilled Mahi Mahi(420cal)$5.95

Tofu and Fajita Veggies(360cal)$3.75

Bowls -

Chopped Iceberg and Romaine, Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Hot or Mild Home-Style Salsa, Charred Corn, Fresh Guacamole and Spanish Rice

Quesadillas -

Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Mild or Hot Home-Style Salsa, Sour Cream

Charbroiled Chicken (480 cal)$4.25

Ground Beef (610 cal)$4.25

Carne Asada (490 cal)$5.75

Tofu and Fajita Veggies(490 cal)$3.50

Cheese(450 cal)$3.00

Deli Sandwiches

All Sandwiches are served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayonnaise, Mustard and choice of French Roll, Whole Wheat, Sourdough, White (calories based on Sourdough bread) Calories based on a whole.

​Ham​$2.95 ​$​4.50
​Tuna Salad​$2.95$​4.50
​Egg Salad​$2.95 ​$​4.50
​Bacon Lettuce Tomato​$2.95 ​$​4.50
​Traditional Turkey Club (900 cal)
​Not available


Burgers, Melts and More

Coast Burger (430 cal) $4.50

Spicy Chicken Wings (670 cal) $5.25

Vegan Philly Substitute Beef (610 cal)$6.25

Pizza by the Slice

Four Cheese (570 cal)$3.25

Sliced Pepperoni (709-725 cal)$3.75

Mushroom, Peppers, Onions, 4 Cheese (580 cal) $3.75

Whole Pizza (3410 –5650 cal)$15.00

Pacific Rim

Asian influenced Rice Bowls

Orange Peel Chicken (720 cal)

Grilled Tofu & Rice Bowl (690 cal)

Soy Ginger Chicken Rice Bowl(480 cal) $6.00

Soy Ginger Mahi Mahi Rice Bowl (670cal) $6.95

Fresh Sushi

Real Lobster California Roll (230 cal) $9.00

Real Crab California Roll (230 cal)$8.00

Wraps with Chips

Southwest Wrap (1230 cal) $6.95

Caesar Chicken Wrap (1190 cal) $6.95

Vegan Chicken Substitute Wrap (540-100 cal) $6.95

Carne Asada Wrap (980 cal) $7.50

- substitute Fries for Chips add $.50

Self Serve Phơ Station

Priced by weight $5.75 per lb. Regular portion about 30 oz. approximately $6.00 (580-707 cal) Choice of:Sliced Chicken Breast or Sliced Beef Brisket with Fresh Rice Noodles, Cilantro, Thai Basil, Lime Wedges, Julienne Onion, Green Onions, Bean Sprouts, Jalapeño, Hoisin Sauce, Sriracha Chili Sauce


General Manger
Instructional Food Service
(714) 432-5854
Food Service Manager
(714) 432-5851
Food Service Steward
(714) 432-6432
Receptionist and Coordinator
(714) 432-6435