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OCC Instructional Food Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Our Customers will find a friendly and professional staff ready to serve freshly prepared foods including breakfast, lunch and dinner items along with pastries and snacks.
  • The College Center Dininng is located in the College Center between parking Lot "A" and "C". It is part of the OCC Food Service Instructional Program. It is a large dining facility with many food and beverage options. The dining room has ample wifi and plug-ins for various electronic devices.
  • The "Coast Snack Shack" serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and is located in the quad area by Literature and Language, Chemistry, The Science Hall and Home Economics. Closed until further notice.
  • Starbucks is Located in the Arts Pavilion parking lot "D" Reopening Spring 2022
  • OCC Doggs is Located near the Art Center ​​: Reopening Fall 2021
Food Cart and Vending machines are all under the domain of Consumer Health and Science Division. These include 1 Hot Dog Cart. In addition to their regular menu Scantrons are also available at all cart locations. Food Carts can be found at 3 locations on campus. Over 55 Vending Machines are located throughout the campus. 

Breaking News! Our Thanksgiving Feast and Bake Sale is offered again this year.