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Student Life & Leadership Forms

​Student Club & Organization Forms:

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Student Club and Organization Advisor Forms:

  • Advisor Forms will be emailed to listed primary advisor with the Student Club and Organization Registration and Renewal Form .

  • Classified Club Advisor Agreement 2021 Fillable.pdf (all Classified Club Advisors must complete and submit this form to the ASOCC Office within 2 weeks of submitting the Advisor Agreement Form).

Finance Forms:

Student Club & Organization Special Event Forms:

Use of Free Speech Area Forms:

The OCC campus has limited in person hours during the fall semester. Please call or e-mail the ASOCC office for more information during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Please call the Student Life & Leadership Department at (714) 432-5730 or email for the following forms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Free Speech

Commercial Free Speech

Why are we unable to move all forms online?

Due to system limitations and high costs, forms that require multiple approvals or large attachments of supplemental documents.

Will forms deadline continue to remain at 12:00 noon on Tuesdays?

Yes.  All forms, regardless if they are digital or paper-based, are due by 12:00 noon on Tuesdays.  Any form that is incomplete or not submitted by this deadline, will be considered on the following agenda of the Inter-Club Council or Fiscal Affairs Council.

When is the last week that we will accept a Student Club & Organization Registration & Renewal Form?

For clubs that were registered in fall, the 5th Tuesday of the spring semester is the last day the ICC will accept the online forms for automatic renewal. After the 5th week, clubs must go through the Registration and Renewal process. The eleventh week of the Fall & Spring Semester is the last week that a student club & organization can submit the Student Club & Organization Registration & Renewal Form.

What is the turnaround time for the various forms?

  • Student Club & Organization Registration & Renewal Form
    • From the date of submission, a student club & organization should be approved within 1 - 2 weeks.  Approval is contingent on the student club & organization advisor submitting their Advisor Agreement Form.
  • Special Events Application
    • The approval timeline on these events varies based on how complex the event is.  Please refer a student to Eva Shaffer, Student Activities Assistant, or Grishma Patel, Student Life & Leadership Specialist, for additional information.
  • Student Club & Organization Addendum Form
    • From the date of submission, the Student Club & Organization Addendum Form should be approved within 1 - 2 weeks.  Approval is contingent on the student club & organization advisor acknowledgement via email.

How do student club & organization advisors submit their Advisor Agreement?

Upon student completion of the electronically submitted Student Club & Organization Registration & Renewal Form, the form is electronically routed to the email of the advisor listed. The advisor will review the Student Club and Registration form for accuracy and digitally sign the Advisor agreement. The form will then be routed to the Student Activities Assistant email for processing. 

How do student clubs & organizations submit their constitution & bylaws?

Student clubs & organizations must submit their constitution & bylaws within 2 weeks of their approval by the ICC via the Student Club & Organization Constitution & Bylaw Form online, this form is located up above.

After approval of the student club & organization by the ICC, the Student Activities Assistant, Eva Shaffer, will inform the student club & organization that they have been approved and will have an embedded link to upload the student club & organization constitution & bylaws via email.  

What happens if the Student Club & Organization Constitution & Bylaws Form and/or Student Club & Organization Officer Form is not submitted within 2 weeks of being approved by the Inter-Club Council (ICC)?

Any student club or organization that does not submit both of the aforementioned forms, may be subject to probationary status or suspension of recognition until the forms are received.  Either of these sanctions would mean that the student club or organization cannot meet, host events, travel, participate in ICC events, or engage in any student club & organization activities until the sanction is lifted by the ICC.