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Student Development Workshops and Trainings

As an OCC student, there are many different ways to increase your leadership skills and gain experience to be the best leader you can be! You can join student government, start a club/organization, participate in community service, attend leadership workshops, and much more.

All events are ADA compliant. Reasonable accommodation requests related to a disability should be made no later than five business days prior to this event by contacting the Student Life & Leadership Department at (714) 432-5730 or

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Fri, Oct. 30th Leadership Series 7.png    

1pm - 2pm         

Presenter: Amanda Davidson                    Confessions of a Procrastinator 

Do you feel like you struggle with time management and organization? Sometimes we have the skills yet have a hard time following through with our plans. This workshop will provide helpful resources and lessons on how you can improve your time management and organization skills. Whether you procrastinate sometimes or just want to improve on what you already know on this topic, this session is for you.

Pirate Lead Series 8.pngMon, Nov 2nd   

11am - 12pm     

Presenter: Connie Oh          

Pirates, We're All Leaders!: Learning your Leadership Style           

Through this workshop, you will learn about your unique leadership style through the MBTI 16 Personalities Assessment. You will gain a deeper self-awareness of your style and strengths and learn how to be more mindful and inclusive of other's styles. You will learn that no matter what your style, we all bring something to the table as leaders!

Pirate Lead Series 9.png

Tue, Nov 10th


Presenter: Henoc Preciado

Do You Feel Like a Fake Noodle?              

Do you ever feel like a fake noodle? You know, like an impasta? Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that impacts many students. It is a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. In its most destructive manifestations, it can cause self-doubt, insecurity and even impact our ability to realize our true and full potential. In this workshop, you will experience a space of empathy, understanding, and opportunity to explore why mposter syndrome occurs and what we can do to combat it.

Tues, Nov 17th  Pirate Lead Series 10.png

3pm - 4pm          

Presenter: Ashley Rippeon        

Our Commitment to Connection: Building Trusting Teams 

Working with others is a critical piece of integrating into a wide range of experiences in life. What does it look like to work in a cohesive team and what role does trust play in the success or demise of outcomes? Join our session to take a deeper dive into the importance of trust in relationship building and teamwork. Learn why trust is essential and skills that can be practiced to improve your relationships to create productive and creative teams.

Student Club and Organization Orientations

As outlined in the Student Club & Organization Handbook, attendance to a Student Club & Organization Orientation is required if a student club or organization would like to do any of the following:

  • Plan special events (i.e. fundraisers, fieldtrips/excursions, speakers, etc.) outside of the regularly scheduled student club & organization meeting

  • Utilize student club & organization funds (i.e. expenses, reimbursement for purchases, purchase order request, etc.)

Student club & organization presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, and treasurers are required to attend. Additionally, first-time student club & organization advisors are required to attend a Student Club & Organization orientation. There are currenly no scheduled Student Clubs & Organization Orientations. If you would like to schedule a Student Club & Organization Orientation, please contact Grishma Patel, Student Life and Leadership Specialist, at or  714-432-5730.