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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive placement?

After your application has been processed, check your student email. The OCC Assessment Center will notify you of your placement. These placements are based on your high school coursework, grades, and GPA. 

Do I have to take the placement test?

If you receive a notice that indicates you received a placement into a pre-college course (in either English, math or both), strongly consider taking the placement test in order to improve your placement. 

What do I do if I receive a "No Placement" for my results?
If you receive a notice that indicates we were unable to find placement, please be sure to complete the Placement Form

What tests are offered by the Assessment Center?
We offer a native English, English as a Second Language (ESL), math, Chemistry A180, and Spanish test.

How can I meet the graduation requirement in Math?

You must pass the appropriate Math class OR take the Math test level that can place you in a Math class higher than the OCC Math graduation required class.

Can I place higher than English A100 on the placement test?
No, you cannot place higher than English A100. English A100 is a required course for all students transferring and/or graduating from OCC.

What is the highest math placement I can receive on the test?
The highest math course you can place into via out assessment test is Math A180 - Calculus 1. 

Do I need an appointment for testing?
Walk-In Testing is available Monday-Friday, although the hours may vary from month to month. To view the current walk-in schedule, visit the main Assessment Center page.

When and where can I get my placement test results?
Your test results with be printed out for you upon completion of your test. In addition, test results will be uploaded to your MyOCC account within the same day that you complete your placement test. Look on the "Student" tab under "Unofficial Transcript."

Can the Placement test results be transferred to other community colleges or 4-year universities?
Orange Coast College accepts native English and/or math assessment tests with course placement results from any accredited community college, provided that the test has been taken within the last two (2) years and that the placements are equivalent to courses at Orange Coast College. It is advisable that you check the policies of other institutions regarding transferring test results, as they may have different policies.
Where do I park when I come to test, and will I have to pay for parking?
The Assessment Center is located on the first floor of Watson Hall, right before the stairs, in room 110.  The closest lot is Lot A on Fairview Road and Pirate Way. You can either purchase a 4-hour pass for $1 from the yellow box located in the parking lot, or you may park in any metered parking spot. Metered parking is currently 25 cents per 30 minutes. Be prepared to pay for 4 hours of parking. Your test session should last around 2-3 hours but may run longer.
What happens if I have not turned in an application?
You cannot test without first applying to OCC and receiving your OCC student ID number. To learn how to apply online, visit the Admissions page.   
What if I don't have any photo I.D. to bring to my testing appointment?
No one is permitted to test without some form of photo identification. If there is an issue with obtaining an I.D., you must speak to one of the testing technicians in the Assessment Center office to explain your problem and arrange an acceptable alternative identification procedure.
Where can I get information on the ACT, SAT, TOEFL, CBEST, AP, CLEP and other standardized tests?
Orange Coast College is not a test site for any of the named tests. Please visit the official web pages of these tests to find out more information.