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My Course Recommendations

Students may register for first-level transfer courses in English and Mathematics regardless of current placement or enrollment in a pre-transfer level English and/or Mathematics course. Students will receive access to first-level transfer courses and a recommendation on the level of support needed in order to succeed in the transfer course. The recommendation is based on the following placement rules: Placement Rules for English and Placement Rules for Math.

Verify your course recommendations on MyCoast > My Records > Unofficial Transcripts. Don't see your course recommendation? Please email us at Make sure you include your OCC ID number.


Students can start above first-level transfer courses by completing a Prerequisite Form AND submitting one of the following:


Math: Students can receive access to Business Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus I based on specific rule sets: Placement Rules for Math


English: A score of "3" or above on the AP English Literature or English Language and Composition exam will allow students to register for English A101: Critical Thinking/Reading/Writing Lit.


Math: A score of "3" or above on the AP Calculus AB will allow students to register for Math A185: Calculus 2. A score of 3 or 4 on the Calculus BC exam will allow students to register for Math A185: Calculus 2. A score of 5 on the Calculus BC exam will allow students to register for Math A280: Calculus 3 or a higher math course.



Successful completion of English or math transfer-level courses from an accredited college or university that is considered equivalent at Orange Coast College with a "C" or better.


English Course

Math Courses

​​English A100: Freshman Composition

Math A100: Liberal Arts Math

Math A104: Math for Elementary Teachers
Math A115: College Algebra
Math A120: Trigonometry
Math A155: Finite Math with Applications

Math A160: Introduction to Statistics

Support Options for English

​Support Options for Math

English A001N: Grammar within Reach*Math A090: Co-Requisite Support for Math A100
​English A002N: Reading Tough Texts*
Math A091: Co-Requisite Support for Math A115
​English A003N: Paragraphs for Many Purposes*
Math A092: Co-Requisite Support for Math A120
English A004N: Building a College Essay*Math A093: Co-Requisite Support for Math A160
​English A006N: 100 Reinforcement*
​Math A004N: Math Jam Basic Math Comp. Skills*
English A100 Embedded Support
Math A082N: Math Jam for STEM Pathway*
Math A086N: Math Jam for SLAM Pathway*
*These courses are non-credit which means they are zero-unit courses.
Students do not need to pay enrollment fees for non-credit courses.



The Student Success Center, located in the Classrooms and Labs (C&L) building, room number 103, provides drop-in tutoring, study groups, and individual appointments.

Questions? Contact us at