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Prerequisite Clearances

​​​What is a Prerequisite?

prerequisite is a class that must be taken before you can enroll into another class. (Ex. complete ENGL A100 before being able to enroll into ENGL A101)


What is a Corequisite?

corequisite is a class that must be taken at the same time as another class. (Ex. BIOL A225 and BIOL A225 lab must be taken as the same time).

Prerequisites and Corequisites are enforced at the time of registration and you will not be able to enroll into that course until the requirement has been cleared.

Clearing a Prerequisite and Corequisite

Submit a Clearance Request Form  to clear a prerequisite or corequisite. One of the following must be included with your request:

College Transcript (official/unofficial)* from an accredited college or university that shows you have completed a prerequisite course with a "C" or better and is considered an equivalent course at OCC.


A "C-" grade is not considered a passing grade at OCC and will not be accepted. Attempting a prerequisite class and withdrawing from the class with a "W" does not meet the criteria for clearing a prerequisite (A "W" is a notation not a grade).

*Students MUST submit official transcripts if they wish to receive course credit/units towards Degrees, Certificates or General Education Certification (CSU GE Breadth or IGETC).

English or math placement test scores from another community college that is regionally accredited. Scores must be less than two years old (excludes English as a Second Language, ESL).

AP Scores that are "3" or higher in English, Psychology and/or Math. For exams we accept, please refer to the OCC Catalog.

To access your AP results please go to Sign in with your account information or create a new account. Click on the "AP" tab at the top of the page.

EAP/ CAASP/SBAC Results can clear math and English prerequisites with the following scores:

EAP=Ready, CAASP= Status Exceeded, or SBAC English 2682+ or Math 2718+


Students, who submit a Clearance Request Form and are denied, can challenge a prerequisite based on previous experience or knowledge. Submit a Prerequisite Challenge Form to the respective division office in accordance with the Matriculation guidelines established by the State.


A clearance denial determined by a grade lower than a "C" in a prerequisite course cannot be challenged through this process.

Processing Clearance Forms:
Please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. We encourage you to submit the Clearance Request Form well before your registration date.  You can check your registration date by going to MyOCC under Student Tab>Registration Tools>Registration Status & Checklist. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email to your student email.

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