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Academic Progress Report

Dear EOPS Student,


EOPS is conducting Fall Semester 2014 Academic Progress Report (APR) activities in October. The progress report is an important tool giving you an clear indication of your course academic status. It will also help your counselors and instructors monitor your academic progress, coordinate interventions, and make appropriate neccessary referrals (i.e.; tutoring).


Instructions: Please Print the Attached Form below.


On the APR sheet, fill in information for each  class. Take form to your instructor or to course assistant during office hours and ask them to record your progress. Please remember to have the form signed. If there is no basis to assign a grade, ask them write a comment and sign it.  Kinesiology (KIN) courses count as part of your course schedule and must be included. Be sure to put in your name and student identification number. If you are taking classes online, please print your current grade report from Blackboard. If no grades have been assigned, please have your instructor email you confirmation of this, then print and attach to the APR. For students taking classes at GWC and CCC, take the APR in and have your professors sign it. However, if you are enrolled in online classes at GWC or CCC, the same online procedures apply. Additionally, if you attend class in person, but that teacher has grades available on Blackboard, you may also print this out and attach it to your APR.  


·        NOTE: Please be respectful of your instructor and fellow students. DO NOT take class time to have your APR completed. Do this before class, after class or during the instructor’s office hours. Also, plan ahead, you are being notified early and should not be completing this EOPS requirement last minute.


The APR form must be completed and submitted to the EOPS Office by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 16, 2014.Once you have all  grades and signatures recorded, it is recommended submitting the form as soon as possible insuring you do not miss the deadline.


Students whose progress report indicates satisfactory progress (A, B, C, Pass (P) or positive instructors’ comments) can turn the report in to anyone at the EOPS appointment desk.  Be sure to get a receipt and keep it for verification that it was turned in on time.


Students with unsatisfactory progress (D, F, No Pass (NP) or negative instructor’s comments) must see the counselor before submitting the report. Remember, the EOPS counselor will assist you in improving your class performance. EOPS counselors will have walk-in hours during the week of October 13, 2014 through October 16, 2014 for those students needing to see a counselor to discuss their APR.


You must complete then submit your APR on timeStudents who do not turn it in on time will fail to meet the requirements set forth in the Mutual Responsibility Contract and will either be on EOPS Probation, eligible for counseling service only or ineligible for the EOPS program altogether. In addition, those who do not complete the APR on time, will not be eligible to participate in EOPS Priority Registration appointments for Spring Semester 2015 and the Book Service award for Spring  Semester as well.


The EOPS staff looks forward to serving you throughout this semester. Please do not procrastinate until the last day to turn in your APR, as the office will be crowded and you may be forced to wait for a lengthy period of time.



Thank you,


Your EOPS Faculty and Staff


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