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Academic Progress Report

Academic Progress Report (APR) Requirements- Fall 2020

October 8th-16th

In light of campus being closed, please review the following APR requirements: 

1.      All students are required to upload a summary of their Fall 2020 semester grades on Canvas. 

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial to locate a summary of your grades on Canvas.

**If one of your classes doesn't use Canvas or hasn't posted anything on Canvas, please ask your professor for your current grade and upload that email to Canvas. Contact us if you need any assistance or ask a counselor on Walk-In Wednesdays**

2.      Type in your cumulative GPA as seen on your unofficial transcript

When you click a file to upload on the Canvas assignment, a box underneath allows you to type in a message. Type in your cumulative GPA there: 

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 4.26.37 PM.png

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial to locate your cumulative GPA on your unofficial transcripts. 

**If it is your first-semester type "first semester"**

3.     Meet with a counselor if ANY of the following categories applies to you: 

        • This is your first semester with EOPS
        • Your cumulative GPA is below 2.5
        • You have a D or an F in any of your courses this Fall 2020 semester

**If none of the above categories describes you, you have fulfilled your requirements for APR and do not need to meet with a counselor!**

4.     Complete steps 1-3 between October 8th-16th


If you fall under the category to meet with a counselor: 

  1. Make sure you have uploaded your APR before meeting with a counselor. If you need assistance, you can do it together with the counselor or reach out to the EOPS front desk at 714-432-5817
  2. You will be helped in the order you entered the lobby. You can see how many students are waiting before you
  3. Do NOT wait until the last minute. You can avoid long wait times by completing your APR the first week!


APR- Fall 2020 Infographic.png