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EOPS Counseling

Counselors provide Academic, Career and Personal Counseling.  Each EOPS student is unique and we take a personal interest in serving you.  We strive to get to know students on an individual basis. We develop close relationships by visiting with students at least three times each semester, including your APR. During these appointments we update educational plans, semester worksheets, discuss educational or career goals, academic progress, as well as personal issues. Make an appointment to see an EOPS counselor as soon as possible... Let us know how we can help you.


Remember, students are required to meet with an EOPS counselor a minimum of three times each semester.


Our Full-Time Counselors are:

  1. Vida Shajie

  2. Clyde Phillips

  3. Michelle Ngo​

  4. Heather Codding

  5. Chris Kulik

  6. Melissa Rosado

Our Part-Time Counselors are:

  1. Julie Tran

  2. Steven Nguyen 

  3. Veronica Quinonez ​

To Make an Appointment:

If you are an EOPS Student, you may call (714) 432-5817 or come and see us in Watson Hall 4th Floor room 443 and someone will be more than happy to assist you.  New appointments open up every Monday for the following 2 weeks!