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When to Register and Where

Find your registration appointment by logging in to MyCoast PortalRegistration > Registration Status & Checklist, then select the term to view your appointment. You can register for classes at any point on and after your appointment, either online or at one of our events.  

Whether you met completed the priority registration steps or not, you can still sign-up for classes online. There are two options for you to add classes: 1. using Schedule Planner or 2. inputting CRN codes on the Add or Drop Classes link. Both of these options are found via  MyCoast Portal > Registration.

If you need more help with registering, we have resources available for you including:

​Common Errors and Problems When Adding Classes

  • Corequisite Error: A corequisite is a course that must accompany another course in the same semester (usually a lecture and lab). To avoid this error, add both classes at the same time.

  • Cohort Error: This means that the CRN that you are trying to add is related to a cohort class/program. You must be part of the cohort/program in order to add the class.

  • Holds: We recommend that you call the number listed next to your hold as early as possible to take care of the problem. 

Finished with registration? Stay ahead by completing the New Student Checklist!