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OCC Vet-Net-Ally



The mission of the VET NET Ally Program is to:

  • establish a network of visible Allies to provide support, information, and assistance for service members and veterans,
  • provide service members and veterans with comfortable access to trustworthy, knowledgeable, and sensitive people who can provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment,
  • provide an opportunity for OCC faculty and staff to demonstrate support for service members and veterans,
  • provide all students on campus an opportunity to respond to instances of discrimination or harassment based on perceived or self-reported status as a service member or veteran,
  • educate members of the college community about the needs and concerns of service members and veterans,
  • assist college personnel in understanding that discrimination based on status as a service member or veteran is harmful to the campus environment for all,
  • foster a campus atmosphere that supports the academic freedom and professional, personal and social success of service members and veterans; and
  • advance the college’s progress towards a campus that discourages discrimination and openly celebrates diversity.

 Adapted from the California State University, Long Beach Counseling and Psychological Services with permission of the Vet Net Ally Program founder, Marshall Thomas, Ph.D.

Orange Coast College Vet Net Allies:

Tom Arensdorf, Support Staff

Paul Asim, Administrator

Susan Aube, Support Staff

Michelle Auduong, Support Staff

Carol Barnes, Counselor

Janelle Brunner, Faculty

Denise Cabanel-Bleuer, Faculty

Gilbert Cardenas, Support Staff

Al Cervantes, Faculty

Jennifer Chaiyakal, Support Staff

Tom Choe, Support Staff

Kristin Clark, Administrator

Julia Clevenger, Support Staff

Heather Codding, Support Staff

Kelly Daly, Support Staff

Nicole Danci, Support Staff

Maria DeNunno, Support Staff

Heather Dominguez, Support Staff

Dora Escobar, Counselor

Steve Euler, Support Staff

Michelle Fagundes, Faculty

Erin Fitzgerald, Support Staff

Juani Funez-Gonzalez, Faculty

Jennifer Giddings, Faculty

Therese Grande, Support Staff

Mireille Halley, Support Staff

Anna Hanlon, Faculty

Barbara Henderson, Support Staff

Karl Henderson, Faculty

Sheri Hoyt, Support Staff

Ruby Icaro, Counselor

Janice Iglesias, Support Staff

Claire Ippolito, Support Staff

Terry Irving, Support Staff

Douglas Johnson, Faculty

Jaki Kamphuis, Faculty

Diane Keegan, Counselor

Patrick Keller, Faculty

Sheila Kilayko Cruz, Support Staff

Joey LaMer, Faculty

Mike Lannom, Faculty

Robert Lazarus, Faculty

Debbie Raskin, Faculty

April Hampton, Support Staff

Shannon O'Neal, Support Staff

Steve Nguyen, Support Staff

Valerie Venegas, Administrator

Maricela Sanvodal, Administrator

Kris Cutting, Support Staff

Marta Cabral, Counselor

Kaveh Bahraini, Counselor

Ly Le Tran, Support Staff

Katherine Marasigan, Support Staff

Elias Marron, Counselor

Patti McDonald, Support Staff

Adrienne Merlo, Faculty

Michael Morvice, Administrator

Martha Munoz-Sanchez, Support Staff

Michelle Ngo, Counselor

Jessica Nguyen, Counselor

Julie Nguyen, Support Staff

TJ Nguyen, Support Staff

Ann Nicholson, Support Staff

Robin O'Connor, Faculty

Stephanie Oelkers, Support Staff

Oscar Ortiz, Faculty

Vinta Oviatt, Faculty

Elizabeth Page, Support Staff

Rich Pagel, Administrator

Tim Peters, Faculty

Hue Pham, Administrator

Stephanie Phonsiri, Support Staff

Jeanmarie Pirio, Support Staff

Ginny Regnier, Support Staff

Irini Rickerson, Faculty

Rachel, Ridnor, Faculty

Karen Robinson, Faculty

Margaret Rossi, Support Staff

Melissa Rowden, Support Staff

Sylvia Sanchez-Petray, Stupport Staff

Eva Shaffer, Support Staff

Rita Shulte, Support Staff

Rini Sukaesih, Support Staff

Sandi Swaid, Support Staff

Steve Tamanaha, Administrator

Dana Timmermans, Support Staff

Eileen Tom, Counselor

Ana Tovar, Support Staff

Derek Vergara, Administrator

Jenny Vu, Support Staff

Terry Weikel, Support Staff

Stephanie Wells, Faculty

Jim West, Administrator

Ron Wilson, Support Staff

Sylvia Worden, Administrator

Cheryl Tittle, Support Staff​

Sarah Mcintosh, Support Staff

Yickie Blackstone, Support Staff

Cynthia Corley, Faculty

Jackie Muniz, Support Staff

Mary Bola, Support Staff

Derek Boyer, Faculty

Gabrielle Ridley, Support Staff