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Vet Net Ally
VetNetAlly.jpgThe Orange Coast College VET NET Ally Program is modeled after the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) VET NET Ally program founded by Marshall Thomas.  OCC faculty and staff can become a student veteran “ally” by attending a half-day seminar, which includes:
  • VET NET Ally program mission and OCC’s approach to assisting student veterans in their academic pursuits
  • Veterans experiences in the classroom
  • Military and post-service culture
  • Why I joined
  • Who would you tell? - An experiential activity addressing the reasons men and women may or may not talk about their military experience
  • Veterans issues in Higher Education
  • Student veteran panel
  • Being an Ally
Faculty and staff who have attended the seminar will display a VET NET Ally logo in their office, classroom, or working area to let student veterans know that they are sensitive to their needs and prepared to act as an “ally” to help them succeed.