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Honors Program


Our Mission
The mission of the Orange Coast College Honors Program is to create a growing community of scholars in which highly motivated students and faculty engage in enriched academic experiences, and students enjoy enhanced scholarship and transfer opportunities.
Our Goals:
A major objective is to prepare students for transfer; however, the goals of the OCC Honors Program transcend this objective. The program celebrates the collaborative effort of students and instructors in reciprocal teaching-learning environments that promote student initiative, knowledge, curiosity about the world of ideas, and concern for current social issues.
Specifically, the Honors Program seeks to:
  • Provide unique academic experiences in the classroom
  • Provide opportunities for students to distinguish themselves academically
  • Foster an environment of scholarship
  • Encourage a sense of community, and raise awareness of the relationship of the students to the larger campus/community/world
  • Support the students in their journey of self-discovery
There are many additional benefits to being in the Honors Program, including access to Honors Counseling, library privileges at UCI and UCLA, and exclusive conference and scholarship opportunities.

About Honors Classes
Please note that honors courses are open to all students, whether or not they are enrolled in the Honors Program itself. In addition, there are no prerequisites for honors sections other than those that apply to non-honors sections of the same courses. However, completion of or concurrent enrollment in English 100 is strongly recommended as most honors sections include an advanced writing component.

Updated 3/8/10