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UCI Spring 2016 Application for Transfer Students

UCI is pleased to announce an opportunity for transfer students to get a head start this spring toward completing their bachelor’s degree. This opportunity is ideally suited for students who are junior-level ready and who satisfy UC admissions eligibility requirements along with major specific requirements (GPA and course prerequisites).

USF Spring 2016 Application for Transfer Students​

Transfer students bring unique insights and experiences to the classroom and contribute significantly to our community. Every year, we welcome nearly 500 new transfer students who have done well at their prior college or university and are seeking the type of experience and education offered at University of San Francisco. 

Greetings from the Transfer Center at Orange Coast College!

We hope you had a fun and relaxing winter break and are ready for the Spring semester at OCC.


 If you applied for fall 2015 admission at a CSU, this serves as a follow-up on your “next steps” for making sure you complete the application/admission requirements for fall 2015 admission.


First, make sure you are checking your email for any electronic correspondence from the CSU campuses you applied to in the fall. Email is the main form of communication universities use to transmit important information to you once you’ve applied. You might want to check your spam folders just in case any important emails didn’t make it to your inbox.


Second, some campuses require a “follow-up” to your fall classes and grades, which you will have complete in the month of January (NOW!). Make sure you check your email for links and procedures for completing this online update. CSULB, SDSU, and CSUF are just a few of the campuses that require this action in order to move on with your application review for admission. In addition, some programs/majors also require supplemental admission packets, which are due sometime in the spring (i.e. the Social Work program at CSULB is due March 1). Make sure you pay attention to these additional requirements asked by the university!

CSULB online updates/procedures (due by Feb 3, 2015):

SDSU updates/procedures (due by January 26, 2015):

CSUF deadlines for fall 2015 applicants:

Please note: Failure to update fall grades (if required by the CSU campus) by the due date will result in an immediate denial for admission.


Third, apply for financial aid (if applicable). The 2015-2016 FAFSA application is now open. If you will be attending a CSU campus this fall, make sure to list all campuses you applied to on your FAFSA application. The current application will cover financial aid need for the fall 2015 and spring 2016 term. Priority due date is March 2, 2015. You can find the FAFSA application at the following site:

If you are an undocumented student (AB 540 eligible) in California and want to apply for financial aid, you can apply at: (March 2, 2015 is also your priority deadline)


Lastly, if you have any questions concerning your “next steps” for CSU admission, contact our office or come in during “walk-in” hours. You may also access appointments for CSU representatives and visit CSU campuses in the spring through the Transfer Center office. Tour dates and representative appointments will be posted in the month of February. Remember to check our website for updates and upcoming events in the spring:


Wishing you a productive and successful spring 2015 semester!



Orange Coast College Transfer Center (714) 432-5894​ 


Students interested in attending UC campus tours, making appointments with UC representatives, or attending UC workshops MUST complete the Transfer Admission Planner (TAP).  TAP MUST be complete prior to attending campus tours, appointments or workshops.  Make sure to print out TAP form and bring it to your UC appointment, workshop, or campus tour.

Click here to apply for TAP. 

 Just a Reminder

The UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) deadline is September 30th

It's not too late to apply for TAG! Click here for TAG.