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Private & Out of State School Applications

The Common Application Instructions 

Transfer College Report and Academic Evaluators

Listed below are points of information for Counseling, Dean of Students office, students, and faculty for the  Common Application:


1.       Advisor Information: The Common Application form requires applicants to list an Advisor's contact information for each college they've attended. This is not the same as the Academic Evaluator section. Applicants will list their OCC Counselor as an Advisor if they have a working relationship with one.  If a student does not have an established relationship with an OCC Counselor, please have them list Ms. Eileen Tom, Counselor and use, 714-432-5894, as the Advisor contact information. Note: The Advisor is NOT the same thing as the Academic Evaluator- see below for Evaluator information.

2.       The Transfer College Report (formerly The Registrar Report)- The process for completing this form is as follows:

    1. This form is not required at all schools. At most CA Common Application Schools this form is optional. Students should check with each campus directly to determine whether this report is required.
    2. If required, students will bring in a printed copy of the Transfer College Report AND a pre-addressed, stamped ENVELOPE FOR EACH SCHOOL to the Transfer Center. The Transfer Center will fill out the ACADEMICS portion of the form, then forward to the Dean of Students.
    3. The Dean of Students will complete the EVALUATION portion of the form, and then return to the Transfer Center (Watson Hall 215,) where it will be signed and then mailed using the addressed envelopes provided by the student.
    4.  The final rating scale will be marked "No Basis."

3.       Academic Evaluator: Many Common Application colleges require applicants to select at least one Academic Evaluator to write a letter of recommendation. Students may invite college instructors and/or counselors. It is recommended that students carefully select a professor who knows them and can support their application. Evaluators can opt not to write a letter so it's important for students to seek the permission of prospective evaluators prior to listing them in Common App. Some schools do not require an Academic Evaluator and other schools may require more than one. Consult the specific requirements for each campus of interest.

4.       Instructions for The Academic Evaluator: The evaluation is a standard recommendation form in electronic format. Students will list the individual(s) they want to use as their Academic Evaluator(s) on the Common Application form (professors, counselors, etc.), which generates an email to that individual. The email allows evaluators to either:

    1. Respond and complete the evaluation online. This requires setting up a user account on the Common Application site (links are provided in the email). You can then complete all Academic Evaluations for all students online (emails will notify you each time a student selects you as an Evaluator).
    2. Respond with a preference for Hardcopy/ Paper Evaluations.  You will choose to opt out of the online process and elect to mail the paper copy. BE AWARE: ONCE YOU OPT OUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE BACK and ALL student evaluation requests you receive from that point on will be on paper to be mailed to each campus. You will also need to have the student bring you a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for each campus the recommendation is being mailed to. These Academic Evaluation forms are coordinated directly between the applicant and evaluator and arenot routed through the Transfer Center.
    3. Decline the letter of recommendation invitation.
  1. For questions about this process, please contact the Transfer Center in Watson Hall 215 or by calling 714-432-5894.


Common App Requirements for In-State & Out-of-States Universities


Independent College and University Fall Application Deadlines

 *Note: Deadlines are subject to change. 

Biola University

March 1

Chapman University

March 15

Concordia University

April 1

Hope International

March 2

Loyola Marymount

March 15

Mount St. Mary's

 March 15 

(February 1 for Nursing)
Occidental College

April 1 

Pacific Oaks College

June 1

Pepperdine University (Seaver)

January 5

Pepperdine University (Graziado)

Rolling Basis

University of LaVerne

April 1

(Continue to accept if space permits) 
University of San Diego Extended to May 1
University of Southern California

February 1

Woodbury University

March 1


For Additional help on the Common App, please check out our Online Workshops

Revised 11/13/18