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CSU GE Breadth (Option 2)


CSU General Education Breadth (Option 2)

CSU GE Breadth Requirements Master Course List

CSU Breadth FAQs

In spring 2008, Orange Coast College converted to a new database as part of the Coast Community College District.  As a result, an “A” was added to all the course numbers (i.e., ENGL 100 changed to ENGL A100).  The official transcript will show the letter “A” preceding the course number for all courses since 1989, even though the actual change did not occur until spring 2008.

Anyone course may be used to satisfy only one sub-area (e.g. if Communication Studies 110 is used to satisfy A1, it may not be used to satisfy C2), with the exception of Area B where lab courses used to meet  B3 will also count in B1 or B2.  A cross-listed course (the same course listed under more than one department such as History 150 and Ethnic Studies 150) may be used to meet only one requirement.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Courses on this list are approved for a specific academic term. Students wishing to use a course to meet a CSU GE Breadth requirement must be sure that the course is approved for the academic term in which it is taken. Courses which have been added since the original list was published in 1981 are identified with a plus sign (+) in parentheses.  For example: a course with (+F95) can only be used if taken in Fall, 1995 or later. Courses which have been deleted from the list are identified with a minus sign (-) and cannot be used unless taken prior to the removal date. For example: a course with (-F95) cannot be used unless it is taken before Fall, 1995. THIS LIST IS VALID THROUGH SUMMER 2022.

Revised 6/21/21