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Umoja Community


What is Umoja?​

Barack Obama attending the commencement ceremony

Umoja is a state-wide student success program open to all students and is specifically designed to increase the retention and success rates of African-American students. The Umoja Program is a Learning Community that offers student success classes, English, Math, and History classes which strives to educate the whole student, informed by an ethic of love and its vital power. Academic success is also achieved through educational counseling, workshops, cultural events, mentoring, and personal development. The learning experience within Umoja will deliberately and intentionally provide each individual the opportunity to add their voice and their story to the collective voices and stories of the African Diaspora.


Mission Statement

Umoja (A Kiswahili word meaning "unity") is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students.

Vision Statement

Transforming, Enriching, and Advancing the lives of students by infusing culturally relevant pedagogy and practices. 


  • Academic/Career Counseling and Tutoring
  • Workshops and Culturally Relevant Field Trips
  • Supplies
  • Learning Co-Horts - Math and English
  • Culturally relevant classes
  • Scholarships
  • Mentors
  • Career exploration and networking opportunities
  • Supportive and Safe Faculty Guidance
  • Conferences
  • College Visits

Past Umoja Events

  • Umoja Conference 
  • A2MEND Conference
  • Symposiums
  • Umoja Day UCLA/AVC
  • Langston Project
  • Pan African Film Festival
  • From Be-Bop to Hip-Hop/Workshop 
  • Student Leadership Summit
  • The Gospel Connection 
  • Real to Reel Talk 

Umoja Coordinator & Contact Information

Clyde H. Phillips M. S.

Umoja Coordinator

714.432.0202 x 21002