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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is virtual and has exciting plans for Fall 2020; join us every Wednesday for #FinancialWellnessWednesday!

(Updated 8/5/2020)

Every Wednesday there will be a virtual event or opportunity to engage through our Instagram page: OCCWellness.

OCC Wellness Instagram.jpg

The more events you attend, the more opportunities to win e-giftcards. Some events will have prizes for competitions and some will have prizes for participation, some you will simply have fun. Additionally if you attend at least 8 events you will be entered to win 1 of 2 $50 e-giftcards.

Sign up here for all the events (or just the ones you want); we will send you a weekly reminder and the Zoom link for each event.

We want financial wellness to be part of your life!

Our mission is to educate and empower students with financial knowledge and resources, so they can ultimately apply this knowledge to their lives, have financial security, and attain financial wellness.

For many students, college is the first and most significant financial investment of a lifetime. We’d like to help you get the most out of this investment and not only develop financial literacy skills, but to develop a healthy sense of financial wellness that you can carry confidently into your future.

Financial Wellness Calendar 

​August 12
​#FinancialWellnessWednesday begins! Follow us on Instagram so you do not miss any of the exciting activities! We will have an event or activity every Wednesday. There will be gift card rewards for participation! Sign up here:

August 26
CashCourse Scavenger Hunt 
Be sure to check Instagram for this event!
Submit your answers here: Cash Course Hunt
Answers must be submitted by Sept 2 at noon for a chance to win a $10 e-gift-card.
Sign up here:
September 2​; 
​FOMO and Spending Webinar (Live event) 
Learn how your emotions (such as FOMO) impact your spending.
Sign up here:
​September 9; 3pm
​Responsible Borrowing (Live event)
Let's talk about things to consider when deciding to borrow.
Sign up here:
​September 16; 3pm
School's First FCU Game Night (Live event)​
Kahoot! Game Afternoon with School's First. Let's get a refresher on important financial terms and have fun (plus win prizes).
​September 30; 3pm
The virtual Game of Life!!
School's First FCU "Reality Bites" Game (Live event)​
Our very successful Game of Life has gone virtual. This game will be hosted by School's First.
Note: It will be best if you have a smart phone/tablet as you will need to download "Reality Bites 2" app and then follow along on the Zoom on a computer/laptop. It is possible to participate only on a phone.
​October 7
​Share your tips for handing FOMO 
Be sure to check Instagram for this event!
Sign up here:
October 14; 3pm​
Financial Aid Game Night (Live event)​
Kahoot! Game Afternoon with Financial Aid. Let's get ready to complete our 2021-2022 FAFSA / DreamACT application by having some fun in who knows the most about Financial Aid.
Sign up here:
October 21
​Share your Money Savings Tips to OCCWellness on Instagram
November 4​
​Identity Protection Webinar (Live event)
Let's talk about ways to make sure you are protecting yourself from Identity Theft.
Sign up here:
​November 18; 3pm
What are my loan repayment options? (Live event)
Let's discuss all the repayment options you have so you are prepared when you begin that process. Yes, you can begin it while you are in school but you do not always have to. 
Sign up here:

​November 25; 3pm
Getting Ready for Scholarship Season (Live event)
The OCC Scholarship will open in the middle of December; many private scholarships also have similar timelines. Let's get ready to take advantage of your break in school to apply for FREE money.
Sign up here:


Earn Wellness Pirate Bucks* for Pirate Loot!

You can earn Pirate Bucks through attending workshops, participating in pop-up events, and completing iGrad courses (such as the financially fit below!). To learn more about Pirate Bucks click here.

 (*Wellness Pirate Bucks have no cash value and are not associated with any other offices.)

On-going and 


Explore CashCourse, OCC's partner in online Financial Wellness education. 


Orange Coast College is excited to be partnered with CashCourse, a free, online non-commercial financial literacy resource for colleges and universities. CashCourse offers tools that help students learn financial skills that translate to the real world. Students can create a free account to learn more.