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New Pirate Registration

Register for Classes Early & In-Person at New Pirate Registration

New Pirate Registration is an in-person registration event.

How New Pirate Registration Works

Students will sign-up online and are encouraged to arrive on time. A short presentation on how to register will be given at the beginning of the event and counselors and staff will be available to assist students through the registration process.

Benefits of Attending New Pirate Registration

In college, classes fill-up! By attending New Pirate Registration students will have the opportunity to sign-up for classes a week before their original registration date/time. 

Attention Parents, Guardians, and Supporters

Join Pirates' Network, a community for those supporting their students here at OCC. Come learn about best practices and tips to support your student through their higher education journey.

New Pirate Registration Fall 2019

Cannot Attend New Pirate Registration?

Log in to MyOCC, go to Registration > Registration Status & Checklist and then select the appropriate term. Answer all the questions and submit (this questionnaire happens every semester).

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