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Pirate Registration

Register for Classes Early & In-Person at Pirate Registration

Pirate Registration is an in-person registration event. First-time college students who completed the enrollment steps by the May 5th deadline can sign-up. 

How Pirate Registration Works

Students will select a time to arrive and register. Please be sure to arrive on time. The event will be held at the Assessment Center. Staff will be available to assist students through the registration process.

Benefits of Attending Pirate Registration

In college, classes fill-up! By attending Pirate Registration students will have the opportunity to sign-up for classes a week before their original registration date/time. 

Spots are limited!

Pirate Registration has finished for fall 2018. For in-person assitance, come to the Assessment Center during Open Registration hours.

Cannot Attend Pirate Registration - Register Online

Log in to MyOCC, go to Registration > Registration Status & Checklist and then select the appropriate term. Answer all the questions and submit (this questionnaire happens every semester).

"Help! I didn't finish my steps by the deadline!" - Come to a Makeup Day Session!

If you did not complete the steps by May 5th, you will still be able to register, your registration date will most likely be around May 31st. Attending a Makeup Day session allows you to register up to 10 days earlier! Therefore, even though you will not receive a priority registration date, you can still register early!

Requirements for Makeup Days

You must complete the steps between May 7th and May 21st.

When are Makeup Days

Makeup Days will be held

Sign Me Up

Email, with your name and OCC Student ID number.

Questions? Contact us at