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Transfer Agreements

As a key component of California's Master Plan for Higher Education, students who attend the California Community Colleges receive preferred transfer admissions to the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) systems. 

Orange Coast College is consistently the leading community college in Orange County and among the top 3 overall in transfers to UC and CSU combined. Our success is mostly due to our variety of academic resources and support services, availability of high level college courses, and transfer agreements. 



Transfer Admissions Guaranteed (TAG) is a guaranteed transfer pathway to select majors to six University of California campuses (Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz) and nearly all California State University campuses. Click TAG to UC to learn more information about UC - Transfer Admission Guarantee. 



Orange Coast College is one of a few dozen community colleges that partners with UCLA for a transfer program called TAP (Transfer Alliance Program). UCLA TAP provides enhance transfer support for OCC's Honors Students interested in pursuing majors in UCLA's College of Letters and Sciences. In addition to priority transfer consideration, students in the TAP program are able to access some of UCLA's on campus resources. Visit UCLA TAP for information related to the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program. 



Students can earn guaranteed transfer admissions to a California State University by completing an ADT (Associate of Arts or Sciences for Transfer) at Orange Coast College, see ADT Information.  


ASSIST.ORG is comprehensive database of transfer course requirements to any major offered at all UC and CSU campuses.  



Orange Coast College offers a comprehensive Transfer Center located in Watson Hall 2nd floor providing in-depth information about transfer admissions to universities across the US. The Transfer Center also provide transfer workshops to UC and CSU and invites University representatives to meet with students. Every semester, the Transfer Center host University Transfer Fairs inviting more than 100 universities across the US. For more information about OCC's Transfer Center, please visit Transfer Center Homepage.  



A large part of OCC's transfer success is our international students. Our international students have transferred to more than 100 universities across the US, including Top-Tier Research Universities and Ivy League colleges. Click on OCC International Student Transfer Matriculation to see where our former international students have transferred to.