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Post Acceptance Checklist Initial Fall 2018

Congratulations on your acceptance to Orange Coast College! We look forward to welcoming you here soon. It is extremely important that you read and follow each step in the Post Acceptance Checklist to prepare for your arrival to OCC. If you have any questions, contact us at

Activate your MyOCC

You should have received an acceptance email with your log in details, including a temporary password to activate your MyOCC account.  MyOCC is your online portal to register for classes, pay for your tuition and fees, and view your class grades and progress towards your degree completion. We highly recommend that you begin to use your OCC email as your primary email as soon as you have activated it.

Receive and sign your Form I-20

The form I-20 is the most important document you must have to apply for an F-1 student visa. To receive it, create an account on E-Ship Global and pay for express shipping with a tracking number. Along with your I-20, you will receive your official acceptance letter and admission packet within 3-7 business days. We do not ship the Form I-20 through regular mail. If you would like to arrange to pick-up your I-20 in our office, please email the Global Engagement Center at

Register for Classes

Register for classes as soon as registration begins (Fall 2018 registration begins May 7th) using the MyOCC login information you have received by email.  


Review the MyOCC reference guide for information on how to register.  Review the Course Selection Guide to obtain recommendations on the courses that international students should take in their first term (students should typically enroll in mostly general courses to start).  


F-1 Students must enroll in and complete at least 12 units during Fall and Spring to maintain status and 9 units must be in person courses.  Waitlisted classes do NOT count as enrollment.  Classes fill up quickly, so it is advised that you register early. 

Pay for SEVIS Fee 

Pay the SEVIS Fee and print the I-901 fee receipt by visiting and following the directions on the page. You will need the receipt for your visa appointment and for when you travel to the U.S.

Apply for an F-1 visa

You must apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy that has jurisdiction over where you live. Once you receive your visa, check to make sure the information is correct.  Contact the embassy or consulate if you find an error on your visa.


We recommend that you meet with an advisor from an EducationUSA Center in your local area to receive tips on what to expect in a visa interview. EducationUSA is a free advising center sponsored by the US Statement Department for students interested in studying in the US.

Enroll in Health Insurance

It is mandatory that all international students purchase Health Insurance through JCB Insurance Solutions. Enter 'Orange Coast College' then select the current plan year and 'International Student' under type of student.


At this time, OCC does not accept any other insurance plans except if you are Government Sponsored student and your medical coverage is verified on your financial guarantee.


The Fall 2018 insurance plan will be available for purchase on May 3rd and all students much purchase insurance by August 21.  


Orange Coast College does not offer on-campus housing or a housing department and students are responsible for their living arrangements.  Visit the housing and homestay webpage for more information about local apartment communities and homestay options.

Join the Admitted Student Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook profile, join the admitted student Facebook group. Check your acceptance email for a link to join the group. This is a great way to connect with other incoming and current students before your arrival.

Arriving in the US

You must arrive in the US no later than the start date listed on your I-20, but not sooner than 30 days before the start date listed on your I-20. For Fall 2018, the start date is August 21 and you must stay in the local area. The first day of instruction for Fall 2018 is August 27, but you are required to arrive early to meet with your academic advisor and attend orientation.


On the day of your travel to the US, you should carry with you (not in your luggage), your I-20, I-901 fee receipt, Valid F-1 Visa, valid Passport with at least 6 months left until expiration, and your Financial Support Documents.


Call 714-432-5940 on next business day after you arrive to schedule a time to report to the Global Engagement Center, take the assessment tests, and attend a group counseling session.  Bring your passport, I-20 & I-94, which you can find at

Take the Assessment Exam

All incoming students are required to take the assessment exam for Math and English. The exam will evaluate your competencies to determine an appropriate level of course placement in these subjects. Sample questions are available to help you prepare. The exams are a minimum of 3 hours in length.  Request an appointment slip at the Global Engagement Center before heading to the Assessment Center to test.

Meet with Your Academic Counselor

If you are a first-time college student, you will receive an email to sign up for group counseling.


If you have attended college in the past, visit the Global Engagement Center to sign up for a counseling appointment.

Attend Orientation

All incoming international students are required to attend orientation August 21, 2018 from 8:30 AM. Attendance is REQUIRED and arriving late or leaving early will be considered an absence. If you miss orientation or arrive late/leave early, you will be unable to register for classes for future semesters.


Please check your OCC email regularly for the Eventbrite invitation to register for orientation.

Pay for Tuition and Fees

After registering for classes on your MyOCC portal, you will be prompted to pay for tuition and fees online. For initial students, the deadline for tuition and fees is August 25, 2018 by 4:00 PM PST.

There are several options to pay for your tuition and fees.

  • Online on your MyOCC with Visa or MasterCard
  • By cash or personal check to the OCC Bursar's Office
  • Wire funds from a bank account in your home country through Flywire by PeerTransfer – make sure to include your OCC Student ID number with your payment so we can apply your payment to your account correctly. Failure to include ID, may delay payment application. You should also to notify you have made a wire payment.