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International Students

COVID-19 Help and Support - The Global Engagement Center Is ready to answer any questions and provide support. Please email us at

COVID 19 FAQ International Students:

  1. Can I still apply to OCC as an international student?

Yes, visit international admissions for instructions on how to apply.

  1. Will the rest of Spring semester be taught online? Will campus reopen during spring semester?

Most classes for the remainder of spring semester will be offered by online. The OCC campus is closed for the remainder of the semester, until further notice.


  1. International Students are only allowed to have 3 units of online instruction. Will my I-20 be cancelled now that all classes are online?

No. Because of the current situation the U.S. government has allowed an exception to that rule.


  1. My class cannot be taught online or I cannot complete/access it online. What happens if I drop the class or it is suspended?

If your class was suspended because it could not be converted to remote instruction, you may drop the class. This will not affect your status, even if it means you have less than 12 units.

For a list of suspended courses:

However, if you are staying in the U.S. you should NOT drop a class if it has NOT been suspended. If you drop a class because you feel it is difficult or because you do not feel comfortable with online instruction, this may affect your F-1 status.

Before dropping a class, we recommend you speak with an F-1 adviser:

  1. If I drop a class, will I receive a refund?

Yes. Tuition will be refunded for course dropped between now and the withdrawal deadline. Please refer to question 4, above for information about maintaining status if you drop a class.


  1. I must/I prefer to return to my home country. Will my I-20 be cancelled?

No. If you leave the U.S. and complete your spring courses online from home, your I-20 will remain active.


  1. How do I obtain a travel signature on my I-20?

Submit an I-20 Request and an adviser will issue a new I-20 and email it to your OCC Student email.


  1. If I leave the U.S. will I be able to return for summer session?

Travel regulations may change at any time, and there is no guarantee you will be able to reenter the U.S. until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.


  1. Can I enroll in summer classes? Will they be online?

Yes, you can enroll in summer classes once summer enrollment opens in April. However, it is not decided yet if all classes will be offered online or when campus will reopen. Monitor your emails regularly for updates.


  1. Does the health insurance I bought here cover COVID 19 testing?  Treatment?  Do I need to do anything special?

Yes, AETNA will waive costs for COVID-19 diagnostic testing for patients who meet the CDC guidelines for testing. Aetna also confirmed that treatment of the virus is covered.


If you are having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you should take every precaution recommended by the CDC to protect yourself and others. Aetna members should use telemedicine to speak with a doctor at 1-800-556-1555.


  1. I want to take classes at another school during the summer. What should I do?

You can take a class at Golden West College or Coastline Community College for the second eight weeks of spring semester and summer session without seeking permission from OCC first.  For other institutions please schedule an appointment with a counselor by visiting International Students Advising and Counseling page.


  1. Will my eligibility for OPT be affected if I'm out of the country?

No, as long as you complete your classes online and complete your program, you will be eligible for OPT. 

Whether you are already on F-1 visa, or planning to apply for an F-1 visa, we are here to help you navigate through OCC!

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