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Medical Insurance

​​Insurance Requirement

International students are required to purchase the insurance policy that is offered through the Global Engagement Center.  This policy is provided by JCB Insurance Solutions via Anthem. 

Please be sure to renew your insurance before your current policy expires, otherwise a hold will be placed on your account, which will prohibit registration/transcript request, etc. 

To renew your insurance, visit JCB Insurance Solutions, select "Orange Coast College" as your school; select the appropriate policy year and type of student you are. If you are currnetly enrolled at OCC and continuing for the following term, you must purchase continuing student coverageproceed with your payment information. 

Upon processing your payment for insurance, you will be emailed a confirmation notice from JCB Insurance Solutions. 

Using Your Insurance Policy 

The Medical Insurance policy has been carefully chosen and designed for the needs of international students.  It will cover necessary expenses for Medical Illnesses, injuries, mental health counseling, 50% cost of prescriptions, & preventative care (from Fall 2018 onward).  

How do I get my insurance ID card?

The StudentHealth app through Anthem Blue Cross gives you instant access to your insurance benefits, ID card and much more using your mobile device using the app or website. For the app, visit The App StoreSM or Google PlayTM and search for the StudentHealth app. From your computer: Go to

What should I do if I need to see a doctor?

If open, the OCC Health Center is the preferred first step for non-emergency issues. All enrolled OCC or IEC@OCC students can use the OCC Health Center.

If you cannot visit the OCC Health Center first, seek medical care from an innetwork doctor or urgent care. Remember, in order for a medical bill to be paid at 100% after copays when you seek treatment offcampus, the doctor or hospital you visit must be a member of the Preferred Provider Organization.

Use the LiveHealth Online website or App to find a board-certified doctor.

What if it is an emergency, such as an accident or

life-threatening situation?

In the case of an emergency go to the nearest hospital or call 911. You may receive treatment at any hospital. There is also a $100 copay for each hospital visit, inpatient or outpatient. Each emergency
room visit has a $100 copay per visit (waived if admitted to hospital).

Can I use my own insurance from back home?

No, you cannot use an international medical insurance in place of the OCC coverage.  However, OCC students in F-1 status may be eligible to waive the OCC insurance requirement if medically insured by a parent or spouse through a U.S. employer. Students on valid OPT may be eligible to waive this requirement if covered by a U.S. employer. All insurance coverage must meet the standards of the American Health Care Act (2017).  For more information, please see the Medical Insurance Waiver/Refund Request Form.

I will no longer attend OCC, can I request a refund for my policy?

If you are leaving the U.S., have applied or been approved for an adjustment of status, and/or do not plan to attend OCC any longer, you may be eligible for a refund within the first 45 days of the policy. If you have used your insurance coverage during the policy period, you will not be eligible for a refund. Please note that all refund requests are subject to final review by JCB Insurance Solutions. For more information, please see the Medical Insurance Waiver/Refund Request Form.

More Questions?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the OCC Health Center (medical questions) or the Global Engagement Center (insurance questions). If you are seriously injured or have a serious illness please get treatment then let a Global Engagement Center staff know so that we can assist you in letting your professors know & help coordinate any student support services.