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Full-Time International Students

​Application Requirement Checklists

  1. Application Form.pdf

  2. Application Fee $55 Payment Authorization Form.pdf

  3. Financial Support Documents 

  4. Academic Transcripts

  5. Demonstration of English Proficiency

  6. Personal Statement and Signed Statement of Understanding (if applicable)

  7. Immigration Document(s)

You may email your complete application packet to to expedite the admission review process. Alternatively, you can submit your application in-person or mail it to: 

Orange Coast College

Global Engagement Center

2701 Fairview Road

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Orange Coast College offers more than 130 degree and certificate programs and a complete list can be found on our Academic Divisions website. If you are unsure what major to select, please choose Liberal Arts.

  1. All fields are required
  2. Provide a workable email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. Please include your WeChat ID or Line if applicable.
  3. Restricted Majors for International Students:
    • Pilot Training.
    • All Allied Health programs except for Nutrition.
    • Certificates of Specialization cannot be declared as a primary major and must done while concurrently pursuing another Associate's Degree or Certificate of Achievement.


Application fees are nonrefundable and cannot be waived.


All applicants must be able to demonstrate their proof of financial eligibility to receive their I-20s. Visit Estimated Annual Tuition & Fee for detail information about our current requirement. We accept the following documents:

  • Official bank statement from a checking or savings account

  • Bank letter signed by the bank official showing an exact amount of available funds, not estimated. 

  • Financial verification form must be stamped and signed by a bank official, Financial Statement Form.pdf


Current cost of attendance: $22,280

Multiple bank statements: You may submit multiple bank statements from more than one sponsor as long as the total amount equals to our minimum amount. Each sponsor must sign the sponsorship form.

Sponsored by an Embassy, Cultural Mission, Government, or Private Company: include a letter or affidavit on the organization's official letter head verifying your sponsorship.



First-time college students must submit copies of their high school/secondary school transcripts. Students who have attended a college or university or ESL program must submit copies of their transcript(s) from their respective school(s).

Transcripts or academic records in languages others than English must be translated and attested by a certified translation or credential evaluation service. Country Specific Information for High School Transcripts:

  • India and Pakistan – Submit class X and class XII board marks

  • Hong Kong – Submit HKDSE marks

  • Malaysia – Submit SPM marks

  • New Zealand – Submit NCEA Level 2 certificate

  • UK and Singapore – Submit GCE O-Level or IGCSE marks.

*Omitting any previous coursework may result in the cancellation of your application or admission at OCC.


View OCC International Admissions - English Requirement.pdf. Students who do not meet our English requirement may apply to our intensive English language program IEC@OCC.


  • Personal Statement: Write a 1-page personal statement explaining "Why I want to Attend Orange Coast College". Please include what you hope to accomplish at OCC and how it meets your academic and personal goals.
  • Signed Statement of Understanding: you are required to complete this form if your overal GPA is under 2.0


  • Initial Applicant

    1. Copy of your passport biographical page

  • Transfer Applicant. Required only for applicants who are currently in the US on an F-1 visa

    1. Copy of your passport biographical page, F-1 Visa, and most recent I-94 document

    2. Copy of all pages of all the I-20's you have from all schools you have attended in the U.S.

    3. Copy of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card (if applicable)

    4. Status Evaluation Form.pdf, completed by your current school DSO. This form is to verify whether your F1 status is active or not. We will not contact your current school to request for your SEVIS Records until you are fully admitted to Orange Coast College.