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Multicultural Center

"A Safe Place" - A place where students can feel free to respectfully express their diverse views and feelings without fear.  Where disagreements can be dicussed in a productive manner allowing the oportunity to learn from differing perspectives.  All are welcome at Multicultural Center events.

For students interested in connecting with the Multicultural Center, please contact Nathan Jensen at or 714-432-5909.

Activities & Functions of the Multicultural Center:

  • A meeting place for faculty, students, staff and community members:
  • Houses the International & Multicultural Committee (IMC), a subcommittee of the OCC College Council:
  • Sponsoring & hosting of campus-wide cultural affairs & events:
  • To promote cultural competency training for students, faculty & staff:
  • Location for academic programs, workshops, training & student services:
  • Multicultural Center Community Outreach & Advisory Committee (COAC): 

    The OCC Multicultural Center began operation in the Fall 2016 semester.  The International and Multicultural Committee (IMC) and its Applied Research Team with the support of the OCC Academic Senate collaborated to establish the Multicultural Center in serving the greater community through a groundswell of support from OCC students, staff, faculty, and community constituents.

    Partial Listing of Activities & Annual Events:
  • Dia de Los Muertos
  • Latino Youth Conference
  • Black History Month/MLK Celebration
  • Womens History Month Events
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Healthy Lecture Series
  • The CLEEO Project
  • International & Multicultural Awareness Day (Co-Sponsored with ASOCC) 

    For Further Information Contact:

Eric Cuellar (; Dr. Rendell Drew (; Nathan Jensen (; Dr. Michael Mandelkern (