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Current Guardian Scholars

Fee Deferral

Any student whose tuition is deferred via the Guardian Scholars who subsequently drop their classes may be also be responsible for tuition fees for each class.

Academic Progress Report (APR):

A mid-semester progress report is required each semester. A copy of the APR needs to be submitted by the determined date each semester regardless of standing in the EOPS program. 

Tutoring “Student Success Center”:

The Student Success Center offers tutoring for a variety of subjects. Students are asked to attend the Student Success Center if they meet the following:
  1. If at any time a student falls below an overall GPA of 2.0 at the semester ends grades the student will be asked to link with the Student Success Center/Writing Center/Math Center for a minimum of one hour per subject.
  2. If a student submits unsatisfactory grades the student will be asked to link with the Student Success Center/Writing Center/Math Center for a minimum of one hour per subject.
  3. Contact them at: (714) 432-5559 Located in C&L 103A
    *Hours to be tracked via Guardian Scholars.

Book Service Request

In order for students to get books paid for through the program, they must fill out and submit a “Book Request" form (pdf.), along with a copy of their current class schedule.  Book requests are approved 2-3 days after submission.

Book requests are meant to supplement qualified students for the EOPS program. If you have not applied for the EOPS program, please make sure to apply. EOPS only accepts applications during the start of each semester-  deadlines vary.

NOTE: Students who do not qualify for EOPS can still receive funding for books. 

Instructions for locating/ looking up books.

Book Costs:

Guardian Scholars can pay for book costs related to a student’s educational goals only, unless otherwise approved by a Guardian Scholars Specialist.

Book Return:

Any student who drops a class without meeting with a GS counselor, or fails a class must return ALL books up to the amount given by Guardian Scholars. Failing to do so can result a loss of future book benefits. If the student would like to retake the class, the book must still be returned and Guardian Scholars will provide funding the following semester.

Guardian Scholar Probation:

Generally, probation begins the semester following academic or financial probation for Orange Coast College. Guardian scholars will continue funding one semester AFTER formal probation as long as students demonstrate progress to earning a 2.0 or above (and no “W’s”).

If the academic program requirements are not met by the student, that student risks being put on probation for the following semester. These academic/program requirements include:

  1. Complete ONE Guardian Scholar ‘meeting’ each term with a Guardian Scholar Staff.
  2. Submit an Academic Progress Report
  3. Maintain eligibility in EOPS (if applicable). 
  4. Be enrolled in a mutually acceptable number of units
  5. Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) each semester.  
  6. Notify the Guardian Scholars staff before withdrawing
  7. Student will meet with a counselor at least once a semester,
  8. Should I borrow a book or any other supply for school belonging to the Guardian Scholars Program I am to return it at the end of the semester or be responsible for the financial burden of a new item.
  9. Notify the Guardian Scholars staff of any contact information changes,
  10. Check my school and personal emails on a regular
  11. Maintain good standing for Financial Aid

Should program or academic requirements not be met one or more semesters in a row, the student risks decreased financial support towards books and supplies, as well as any additional fees associated with student’s education at OCC. ​​

Children’s Trust Fund: “CTF” Eligible Youth:

Children’s Trust Fund is a scholarship given by the Orangewood Children’s Foundation awarded to current and former Foster Youth who were dependents of Orange County. Grant amount determined by total number of units enrolled/completed within annual grant period. (July 1st- June 30th). Students are expected submit their applications and follow up with their status prior to the deadline. Applications are due 30 days following the first day of class.

Please refer to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation website for specific details.

Steve Liapis
CTF Advisor

Liz Rubio
CTF Coordinator