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•Post Acceptance Checklist Transfer Summer 2015

OCC Post-Acceptance Checklist – Transfer for Summer 2015

¨  Buy the mandatory International Student Health Insurance .  Use the pull down menu to choose Orange Coast College and the year then “Enroll Online”.  This insurance is mandatory except for certain sponsored students who can provide a financial guarantee from the cultural mission of his or her country.  


¨  Report to the OCC International Center as soon as possible and certainly before June 1, 2015 (Map). We will make your placement test, counseling and orientation appointments. We are located on the fourth floor of Watson Hall near parking Lot A. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-4:00 pm; Friday 9:00 am-2:00 pm. If you are out of state, please contact us to make arrangements.


¨  Arrive early on your scheduled placement test day.  Please make sure to bring your passport and your appointment slip to the test.  Please note, no calculators are allowed.  Once you have completed the test please pick up your test results from the International Center on the fourth floor of Watson Hall.


¨  Do not miss or be late to your counseling appointment. Bring your test results and your student class program (web schedule bill) with you, if you enrolled in classes.  If you miss your appointment, you may not be able to schedule another until after classes begin.


¨  Register for classes as soon as registration begins {a minimum of six units for summer semester (12 units for fall and spring semesters)} using the included MyOCC login information you have received by email.  Refer to the MyOCC reference guide and the first semester Course Selection Guide.  You should pay for your classes at the time of enrollment. If you do not pay your tuition fees within 48 hrs. of enrollment, you may be dropped from your classes by the computer system. If you cannot pay for some unusual reason, please contact us for help. You will not be able to register for any math or English/ESL courses until you complete the math/English placement tests.  You will meet with an Academic Counselor to discuss your educational goals and choose classes. If classes are still available, you may make changes to your schedule after you meet with the counselor. It is wise to enroll ASAP as all F-1 Students must enroll in, and complete 12 units in fall and

spring semesters to maintain their immigration status (6 in summer).  Waitlisted classes do not count as enrollment.  Check your MYOCC email twice a day for waitlist notifications!  See the Waitlist FAQ for more info.


¨  You must continue to attend classes at your current school until the session ends to maintain your immigration status.


¨  Submit a copy of your OCC acceptance letter to your current school and ask them to transfer your SEVIS record to OCC when the session ends. Your SEVIS record must be transferred to OCC within the 60 day grace period (counted from the last day you attend your old school). Please do not delay.


¨  If you wish to travel outside the U.S. before classes begin at OCC, submit a travel form. You will need to use OCC’s I-20 to re-enter the U.S.  If you are not traveling, I-20’s are issued after classes begin. This is not a problem as long as your SEVIS record is transferred to OCC within the grace period.


OCC Post-Acceptance Checklist – Transfer for Summer 2015 pg. 2


¨  If you are travelling and are already outside the U.S.  Submit a travel form  immediately. We will need to send you the OCC I-20 so you can enter the U.S.  Please select a shipping method:  a.) If you want to receive your I-20 and acceptance letter by an Express mail shipping service with a tracking number, please create an account and pay at E-Ship Global. With this service you will receive your documents within 3-5 business days. b.) If you want us to send your documents by regular postal mail delivery with no tracking please email us at with regular shipping in the subject line.


¨  Reserve your hotel (if needed) and obtain housing.  Housing information is on our housing and homestay webpage.


¨  You must attend the entire mandatory orientation at OCC on June 9, 2015 – 8:30 am to satisfy the requirements of your visa and be able to enroll next semester.  Lunch and an optional tour will be provided. It is recommended that you locate all of your classrooms before the first day of classes (Map).


¨  If you need to park on campus, you may purchase a parking permit using your MyOCC account (See the MyOCC reference guide).  You will be sent a permanent permit in the mail but you must print out a temporary permit from MyOCC and place it on the dashboard of your car to avoid a parking citation.  You may park in student lots for the first two weeks of the semester without a permit.


¨  Print your Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill) showing all fees paid from MyOCC.  Take this to the Photo ID desk on the first floor of Watson Hall to apply for your OCC ID card.


¨  Arrive at least one hour before your first class meeting because the campus and parking lots will be very crowded and it will take extra time to find parking and get to class. If you are late the professor may give your spot away to another student!


¨  Go to the Computing Center to obtain a login and Wi-Fi password so that you can use the computer labs and Wi-Fi on campus.


¨  If you are taking an online or hybrid class, make sure you email the professor the first week of class and participate in the class’s online Blackboard system.  Click here for more information on online classes. You will be dropped if you do not participate.  Beware of deadlines!


¨  If you are enrolled in an exercise class in the fitness center, make sure you attend the mandatory fitness center orientation. The schedule is posted on the fitness center door. You will be dropped if you do not attend.


¨  We will call you when your I-20 Is ready to pick up.  Usually within the first few weeks of classes. You can help by making sure your old school has a copy of your OCC acceptance letter and all the documents they require for your request for transfer.  OCC’s SEVIS code is: LOS 214F 0118 6000.  We are listed in SEVIS under Coast Community College District and then as Orange Coast College.