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OCC and Community Resources

Orange Coast College encourages all students, staff, administrators, faculty, and community members in need of care and support to seek assistance from on-campus and off-campus resources. 

On-Campus Confidential Resources

These on-campus resources are required by law to maintain near or complete confidentiality with limited exceptions. This means these employees can offer options and advice without any obligation to inform the Title IX Coordinator, unless you request your information to be shared. 

Licensed professional counselors and staff (Mental Health Services)

714-432-5808; located at the Student Health Center

Health service providers and staff (Student Health Center)

714-432-5808; located at the Student Health Center

Local Community Resources:

Domestic Violence Assistance Programs, Orange County

Sexual Assault Victim Services/Rape Crisis, Orange County

24-Hour Hotline: 714-957-2737 or 949-831-9110


Casa di la Familia 


Mariposa Women & Family Center


Victim Referral Services (Orange County Sherriff's Department)

National Hotlines:


Dating, Domestic, and Intimate Partner Violence

Rape, Sexual Assault, Incest, and Abuse