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DSPS Notes Services

DSPS Notetaking Services: Process and Responsibilities


Notetaking services is an accommodation provided by Disabled Student Programs and Services. If you feel you are in need of notetaking services because of a disability, please contact our front desk at (714) 432-5807 to schedule an informational appointment with a Counselor.

We highly encourage students to try the Livescribe pen or a number of other audio notetaking technologies. Learning to use the pen or software/apps now is a great way to prepare for your future after OCC- Great for the workplace!


How do I request a notetaker?

1.    If your Accommodation Letter indicates you are approved for Peer Notetaking, to request a notetaker, click here.

  • Please be careful about requesting for lab classes as it may not be needed.
  • Many instructors provide/post their lectre slides/notes for the entire class on Canvas. Check for this, and let DSPS know if you no longer require a Peer Notetaker.

2.    IT IS CRITICAL that you watch your email for a request from the DSPS asking you to confirm the need for a notetaker for each class. DSPS asks for this confirmation as a number of students change their minds after the first couple of classes. Know that we begin looking for a notetaker from the moment you put in your request.

  • Please note: For every notetaker request a multi-step process begins. Given the substantial resources put in to each request and the need to find notetakers as quickly as possible, it is critical that any changes be communicated immediately. For example, if you no longer need a notetaker please cancel your request by simply selecting "NO" in the confirmation email that you receive from DSPS

*** Requests for a notetaker after the 4th week will need to be preapproved by your DSPS Counselor. Please contact the front desk at (714) 432-5807 to schedule an appointment.

How do I find my notes?

Once a notetaker has been assigned and begins submitting their notes to DSPS, you will receive an email with a shared link to access our DSPS Notes on our Google Drive. This allows students to access their class notes anytime or anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Notes will be added continually throughout the semester as they are turned in.


If you find that the notes are not being updated regularly, please contact Tom Stephenson (DSPS Note Coordinator) at (714) 432-5535.



If you have any questions or challenges, please contact the notetaking staff a or call (714) 432-5535.

Notetaking Timeline

Step 1:  Student submits a Peer Notetaker Request on the DSPS website. (Beginning week 2 of the Spring '19 semester) classmates are emailed within 48 hours of the request about the need for a volunteer.

Step 2:  Your instructor is asked to make an announcement to your class and/or a DSPS staff member visits class to make an announcement for a volunteer.

Step 3:  The class is emailed a 2nd time about the need for a volunteer (4 days after request was made).

Step 4:  If no volunteer is found, DSPS will work with your instructor to provide copies of past notes and recording of current lectures. Additional notetaking/recording options with be explored with you and your instructor.


Location: Bldg 10 (Special Services, across from Student Success Center)
Phone: (714) 432-5535