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DSPS Testing


  • Each semester, students are responsible for communicating to their DSPS Counselor which classes require test accommodations.

  • Students are permitted test-taking accommodations at the DSPS office only if they have a DSPS counselor-approved accommodation letter sent out to the instructor that identifies test accommodations as an approved accommodation.

  • Students are responsible for arriving at the test locations on time. Every minute late will be deducted from the total test time allowed.

  • In the event that the student has test-taking schedule conflicts with another class, it is the student's responsibility to coordinate with their instructors an appropriate day/time to take their exams.

  • DSPS Test Room Rules:
    • No talking or communication with other students
    • All book bags, textbooks, notes, electronic devices, food, and drinks are to be stored in the DSPS designated cabinets prior to entering the testing room
    • Item(s) NOT approved by the instructor will NOT be allowed in the testing room
    • Students are advised to take a restroom break prior to entering the testing room. Students may not be permitted to leave the testing room until their allotted time has expired, or the exam has been completed.
    • Students observed cheating or violating the Student Code of Conduct will be reported to the Dean of Students. Instructors will be notified of any violations. 


  • It is the instructor's responsibility to complete and submit Proctoring Request Forms to the DSPS office, at least two weeks in advance of the needed proctoring times.

  • Instructors are responsible for communicating any exam changes to DSPS office

  • Any questions regarding the students' accommodations should be directed to DSPS. We honor and respect academic integrity, and seek to insure instructor's trust in our proctoring processes.
For a link to the proctoring request form, please e-mail