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DSPS Testing Services

DSPS Alternative Testing Services: Process and Responsibilities

Alternative Testing Overview

Faculty often prefer to administer accommodated exams themselves. In the event that faculty are unable to administer accommodated exams to students, Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) assist by coordinating test accommodations. Students with appropriately verified disabilities may be provided with additional time, an environment with limited distractions, adapted computers or other accommodations as needed, according to the nature of the student's disability.


Student Responsibilities:

To Request Alternate Testing:

  • Meet with your instructors to discuss your Accommodation Letter. (Every DSPS student has been provided an optional Faculty Notification Letter, which you may use to share your Accommodation Letter with your instructor(s).
  • Check your syllabi early, and submit requests as soon as you know an exam is scheduled -- at least 7 full days in advance (one week). If you have any questions or concerns about this, contact DSPS Testing at (email) or (714) 432-5807
  • Once DSPS Testing has received your alternate test request, we will email your instructor to obtain 1) instructor approval, 2) exam information, and 3) the physical exam.
  • Be aware that if you submit an exam request that is late or does not match your class meeting time, this may cause delays as DSPS must first receive permission from your instructor.
  • Talk to your DSPS Counselor if you or your instructor have any concerns about your accommodation requests or the alternate testing process.

Upon Arrival for your Exam:

  • Be on time! Proctoring will end as indicated on the test form. Note your confirmed start time in advance. If you arrive late, we can only provide your "remaining exam time" not your full exam time, as other students will be assigned to your seat once your scheduled exam finishes.
  • Bring you photo ID. The proctor will attach it to your exam envelope and return it upon exam completion.
  • Bring all approved exam tools and materials. The proctor will verify each item based on approved testing materials your instructor has indicated on the BLUE FORM.
  • The proctor will provide you with scratch paper, as needed. These will be counted and must be returned to the proctor and included in your exam envelope.
  • If you receive new information from your professor prior to the exam, the proctor will need written verification of the updated instructions. Be prepared to show proof to the proctor when you arrive (e.g. an email).
  • Turn off your cell phone completely before check-in and be prepared to show it to the proctor. You will leave all personal belongings at the check-in station (white cubbies).
  • Quiet (approved) snacks and clear water bottles are allowed in the testing room. Water and snacks will be checked by a staff member.
  • Use the restroom prior to your exam. Restrooms breaks will be recorded, and times shared with your professor.
  • Students will be asked to remove bulky coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and sunglasses.
  • If you have questions during an exam, alert a proctor. Staff will make every attempt to contact your professor via email, text, and phone.
  • Never leave the DSPS facility with your exam. Please ensure a Proctor has collected all parts of your exam, including scratch paper or any essays you need to turn in for class, prior to your departure.

STUDENT Process to Receive Test-taking Accommodations:

Step 1: A student is determined eligible for accommodations during DSPS Intake Appointment with DSPS Counselor, including testing accommodations.

Step 2: DSPS Counselor provides student with a one-time Accommodation Letter (good for entire time at OCC). DSPS Counselor also provides student with a template email to send each faculty member, introducing the individualized Accommodation Letter.

2a: It is the STUDENT'S Responsibility to share this letter with each professor whose class they wish to receive accommodations in. Students can choose to take their exams with DSPS, or with the classroom - provided their instructor is able to meet the student's approved accommodations.

Step 3: It is the STUDENT'S Responsibility to make an ONLINE DSPS ALTERNATE TESTING REQUEST no later than one week prior to the scheduled exam, to allow time for DSPS to acquire the exam and exam information, convert the exam into alternate formats as necessary, and to reserve testing space and proctors.

3a: Once DSPS has received a Student's Exam Request, DSPS Testing can then email the professor the ELECTRONIC BLUE FORM.

3b: As soon as a student becomes aware of a singular (or all) test/quiz date, it is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBIITY to alert DSPS.

Step 4: The DSPS Testing Coordinator will monitor all pending exam requests. If a professor does not return the Blue Form to DSPS, and the student contacts DSPS to confirm their test day/time appointment this will trigger an email/phone call from the DSPS Testing Coordinator to professor, reminding professor about the upcoming exam, and that DSPS cannot proctor the exam without the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) and the exam in hand.


**Students are encouraged to make all quiz and exam requests (online) at one time (provided they know the dates of the quizzes/exams,) and must make these requests a minimum of one week before the scheduled exam.


DSPS Alternate Testing Information for Faculty

Guidelines for Instructors whose students have requested to test with DSPS:

Please note that in order for students to test with DSPS, students need to:

1) Be approved to receive test accommodations by DSPS (listed in their Accommodation Letter);

2) Request to use their testing accommodations in your class (via email or in person).

3) Request their accommodations each semester, for each class via DSPS's online Accommodation Request Forms

4) Receive Exam Date/Time approval from their faculty member. Students and faculty need to discuss the exam dates, so instructors know students are requesting to test at DSPS. This way, Instructors can arrange to deliver the exam to DSPS and provide DSPS with the necessary proctoring instructions.



Faculty Priorities:

1.     Provide Dates/Times of all Exams/Quizzes on Syllabus

  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to list dates and times for all quizzes, exams, midterms, finals, in-class essays, and lab practical exams on your syllabus, to be distributed the first day of the semester. This will allow DSPS students to make timely exam requests through DSPS, will alleviate potential complications with exam administration and will significantly lesson the number of emails and correspondence faculty receive from DSPS, if testing dates are posted in advance.

2.     Complete the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement):

  • The Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) is an online form containing important questions for faculty pertaining to their exam(s). Your detailed answers to the questions on this form will instruct DSPS Testing on how you want us to approve and administer exams on your behalf.  Faculty can fill out the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) via the following link. ( It is important faculty complete the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) as soon as possible so DSPS Testing can process and approve the student's exam request. Please know the student's exam appointment with DSPS Testing cannot be confirmed without completion of the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) by faculty.
  • Only one Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) needs to be filled out for each lecture section of a course (it will automatically be applied to all DSPS students in that section). If a student has a different day or time you have agreed to allow them to test, please attach an addendum to the form under Dates section, or complete a separate Blue Form for that student.

3.     Provide Exam to DSPS Testing: Faculty can provide their exams to DSPS Testing in any one of the following ways:

  1. Email exam to by 2 PM the business day prior to the exam date.
  2. Give the exam to the student at the beginning of class, in a sealed envelope, to bring to DSPS Testing. NOTE: Professors are responsible for notifying students when and where to pick up the exam. Some instructors choose this option because they prefer that students start the exam with the rest of the class to provide instructions, clarify questions, etc. Some instructors choose this option because they prefer that students start the exam with the rest of the class to provide instructions, clarify questions, etc.Testing Accommodations - Frequently Asked Questions:

    Testing Accommodations - Frequently Asked Questions: Coming Soon!!!

    DSPS Testing Contact Information & Hours of Operation

Monday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
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