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Adapted Kinesiology


Adapted Kinesiology classes are designed for students with disabilities who can benefit from individualized exercise programs. Students are encouraged to maximize their physical potential within the limitations of their disabilities. Activities provide opportunities to transition into other physical education courses, use for transfer or just to function at the highest physical level possible.


A variety of courses are offered for improvement in balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Additional courses such as Bowling and Aquatics are offered, depending on the semester. 


Steps for Registration in OCC AKIN Classes:


1. Students must have a medically documented disability and be registered as a student with Orange Coast College

3. Students must contact the Disabled Student's Center 714/432-5807, request a counseling appointment and complete the necessary paperwork for qualification for services

4. Once approved through DSPS for services, the student must send an email to Robin O'Connor for instructor permission for the specific individual Adapted classes. Students will find information on all the classes offered for the semester,  by referring to the current course catalogue and class schedule. Classes are listed under the Kinesiology & Athletics Division, Adapted Kinesiology. 


If the class is closed, please contact the program coordinator Robin O'Connor. If the student has step 1 & step 2 completed, they may be able to petition for their class choice but must attend the first session of the class at the beginning of the semester to discuss with the instructor. 


For more information regarding individual needs, suggestions for appropriate classes and class details, please email Heather Pecora at