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Amra Pepic-Koubati, Instructional Associate in English

Amra, her husband and their two children standing in front of the New York city skyline.

December 2018 in New York.

​Hello! My name is Amra Pepic-Koubati, and I have been a part of the DSPS team for the past 9 years. If you were to ask anyone about me, two descriptions would come to mind: energetic and a lady with a Slavic accent. 

Fifteen years ago, I began my educational journey at OCC’s sister college— Golden West College. Aside from my A.A. degree and TESOL certificate, my educational path took place at CSULB, including a B.A. in International Business (emphasis Spanish), M.A. in Educational Administration, Certificate in Applied Disability Studies, and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in Community College/Higher Education (which is expected to be completed by May 2020). Currently, I am completing my second year of the Ed.D. program and have chosen the dissertation topic that focuses on faculty development pertaining to students with disabilities, SWD, in a community college setting. 

In my current position, I have provided academic support and mentorship to SWD who have taken/are taking remedial and transferable English courses, helped them reach their highest academic potential, and ensured equal access to institutional support and educational opportunities. My instructional style primarily embraces UDL framework as it allows to more effectively meet my students’ individual needs. Thus, two essential principals govern the support I provide for my students: accepting students’ learning styles and helping them understand that writing is an evolving process and not a product! When I am not working, studying, and/or researching, I am with my family (the cuties in the pic). I love traveling, exploring new cuisines (with my hubby), dancing, and spending quality time with my family.