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Lee Ishi, DSPS Reception

Pug with a wizard's hat and green wig.

Bella dressed up in her halloween costume for a little photoshoot.

Hi, my name is Lee Ishii. A few little-known facts about me are: I am an aspiring motivational speaker, I speak French, and I am also teaching myself Spanish. The fact that I am also a student here at OCC brings its own rewarding experiences. The first motivational speech I did in front of a live audience was here at OCC during Open Mic Night. In my free time, you’ll probably find me making YouTube videos, playing with my pug Bella, reading, or on Instagram. The most rewarding experience of my life was when I went to a leadership camp last year that my aunt is the founder of called TIPPS. The camp has given me priceless amazing experiences that have changed my life forever. One of the tools the camp gave me was how to be committed to whatever I set my mind to; including graduating college. Here at OCC I am majoring in film and my dream is to use my education to help me become a film director. And if I don’t become a film director another dream of mine is to become a successful motivational speaker.